Life Happens

Life Happens

Hey all…. So so so so sorry I have been so so so so very slack on my blog lately!

I am really hoping to get things picked up for you. With Christmas around the corner my little shop has been very busy.

Keep in mind that I have been thinking of you all….Life Happens.

Luv Ya… WRG


6 FUN Winter Hair Ideas by Hair by Heer

6 FUN Winter Hair Ideas by Hair by Heer

Confession-I hate the cold BUT I do love the fashion accessories winter has to offer. Scarves, tights, boots and all these fun and warm head goodies:) I know, I’m kinda addicted.

Thanks Gal … Hope we can all Rock this look like you do!!
Luv Ya… WRG xox


So I got a little stressed today thinking this:
1) I need new clothes…BAD!
2) Christmas Is on route
3) Winter Trip Planning

So I checked out my bank account… & almost passed out! HOW the HELL am I going to make this all work…..then BAAMMM!!!


It hit me! This would make for a great blog post!! Cause I know for damn sure I am not the only one that is going through this. So keep looking back for my posts as I attempt to budget “clothes shopping” on my paycheck… but with this being said I will be doing a MASSIVE cleanse of my closet as well.. I mean my go to shirt is well over 5 years old.. & getting rather sad looking, & its just getting darn right depressing & frustrating!!!

My style is slowly changing from boring to Cute & Classy! So I want a FRESH start~!!~ Whose with me!??!

Stay Tuned……

Luv Ya.. WRG

Help Us Reach 200 Likes!

Help Us Reach 200 Likes!

Goooooood Moooorning All you Beautiful Faces!!
Right now the WildRose Gypsy Shop portion of my site is looking to reach 200 Likes. So Head on over to my Facebook page ( & give me a little “Liking” would ya!!

Oh & once we hit 200 Likes I will release a Discount Code so you can receive 20% off any headband of your choice in my store!! How Exciting!!

Make sure you also check out some of the gorgeous bracelets I have in!! They are beyond beautiful… & honestly even prettier in person. They add a certain uniqueness to your style. Plus no 2 bracelets are the same… so no one can copy your Gypsy Style!!

Turquoise 2x Leather Wrap $35You Cannot Go Wrong With This Beauty!! $45LongHorn Turquoise Coral Cuff $45

Coral 5x Wrap Leather Bracelet

What Do you think!?!?

Oh & one last thing…. we are now shipping to the US of A!!~!!~!

Happy Thursday All!!

Luv Ya… WRG



Day 1 – Favorite Food

Day 1 - Favorite Food

Today is Day 1 of my 30Day Photo Challenge!!
1. Favorite Food – Avocados
Although I have a million favorite foods!! This one is something that I eat pretty close to daily… also it was what I had in the house today.

My favorite thing to make with Avocados is of course Guacamole!!!

5 Avocados
1 Lrg Tomato
1/2 Med Onion
2-3 Garlic Cloves
Lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper

I mash up my avocados first. Then in my little food processor from, Pampered Chef, I combine the tomato, onion & garlic. Once they are at the perfect size (I perfer mine to be a little more chunky, so I usually process the garlic first so its tiny, then add the tomato & onion). I then add it to the avocado, as I mix everything together I add a few dashes of lime juice, & then salt & pepper it to taste.

Serve with your favorite chips!! Mmmm So Delicious!

Happy Thursday & Happy 1st day of August!!

Luv Ya… WRG

30 Photo Challenge!

30 Photo Challenge!

Hi Gypsy Friends…

I have decided starting August 1 I am going to do a 30 Day Photo Challenge. I looked at a few different ones on Pinterest, but decided to go ahead with this one on, Gratitude!

Feel free to follow me at @wildrosegypsy on Instagram to see what kind of wild & wacky shots I come up with!!
I thought this would be a fun way to keep up with you all over a fun filled last month of summer!!!

WeeeeHoooo!!! If you want to participate be sure to add hashtag #wildrosegypsy
So I too can follow you!!

I will start this August 1st!! With a picture of… My Favorite Food!!! Stay Tuned All!

Enjoy your Summer~!!~

Luv Ya… WRG



In leading up to some Fun & Exciting News that I have for you all.. I have decided to let you have a SNEAK PEAK with this GIVEAWAY!! I mean who doesn’t LOVE free stuff right! You could easily win this Sassy&Classy Lace Headband!

All you have to do it head on over to my Facebook page & “Like” or “Share” or “Comment” on this photo & I will enter you into the draw.

I will announce one LUCKY Gypsy Winner on Monday Morning!!

Heck while you are at it… Feel Free to “Repin” It on Pinterest for a double Entry~!!~

Happy Friday All!

Luv Ya… WRG

Wicked Storm Clouds Last Night

Wicked Storm Clouds Last Night
Cotton Candy Clouds

Last night we had a pretty wild storm roll through Southern Alberta. I took a few shots of the sky from where I stood on the dusty ground. (The storm didn’t hit us). But it did hit not 15 minutes from us. Large Hail, Funnel Clouds, Crashing Thunder & Bright Lightening!!

Click on the image below to  get a better look:

T watching the Sky Can you see the little Moon..?
T watching the Sky
Can you see the little Moon..?

It was quite something for us Northern folks, but I know it doesn’t compare to what has hit down South in the United States.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! We are calling for yet another storm tonight… Hope all stay safe & no damage occurs!

Luv Ya … WRG

A Beautiful Messy App ;)

Hi All my WildRose Gypsy Fans!! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Tuesday! I must say it was a little “nippley” here in good ole Alberta this morning. But my little mini tomatoes that are coming still looked okay.. & my flowers weren’t all limped over! Thank the Lord! I have been putting so much TLC into those little gaffers, I would just be heart broken if they didn’t last all summer. Lets hope I don’t smother them with too much love.. Then again too much love can’t be a bad thing right!? I will be posting some pictures of my garden & flowers shortly! My Iris’s I had planted as a border last year are absolutely HUGE, & they completely over took the little half dead ones I had planted between them this spring.. another Thank The Lord!

But I do have one non-Thank The Lord story… A bat had fallen out of the sky & landed face first on our little sidewalk in front of the house yesterday. I didn’t actually see him fall out of the sky but I can only assume something like this happened. Unfortunately little Batty didn’t survive. Its too bad because he could have easily lived off the amount of mosquitoes I have in my little garden patch alone. I’m not a fan of these little creatures, however they do serve a great purpose & they generally seem to leave you alone. RIP Lil’ BatMan

Anyway… On to the real reason I am writing to you all today… its about A Beautiful Mess’s new App you can buy for your smart phone! *click on the images to get sent to their page about the app*

A Beautiful Mess App
A Beautiful Mess App /

Its called “A Beautiful Mess” & its a super cute photo edit app.

A Beautiful Messy App ;)
My Creation!

Upload your favorite picture & add captions, symbols, filters & borders!!


They have different backgrounds as well that you can write on, sketch (sorta) on, etc. Its a lot of fun & creative & CUTE!

My Creation 2!

I made my cute Blog header on their app~& I know you all LoVe it!! 😉 Get it now for 0.99$!!

WildRose Gypsy Blog Header

Also Make sure to check out their website! Honestly these girls ROCK! They look like they have soo much fun, & its constantly a fun fresh feel! Don’t miss out on them!

Thanks Elsie & Emma!~!

Luv Ya… WRG