Women Who Rock

I have been getting very inspired the last year by some amazing women who Rock!! Not only do these lovely ladies know how to have fun… but they also seem extremely down to earth… & they stick true to what they love without getting caught up in the “Hype” of being a “Superstar”… if you know what I mean.

I often hear ladies saddened by the fact that other women judge them before getting to know them. This breaks my heart, because often those who are saddened have the most beautiful souls! My parents always taught my brother & I to never judge anyone until WE..ourselves know them. To this day my brother & I have done this.. & because of this we have met some really great people & made some really good friends. You don’t judge a book by its cover… so why judge a person by theirs…right!?

With this being said… most women are the bad for this. Most men stick together… they look after each other.. they get excited when each other succeed… they have healthy competition.. they have a beer after.. they help each other…

I’m not saying women don’t do the same for each other… I’m just saying a lot of them are quicker to judge then lend a hand. & I feel it can only benefit us to work harder on looking after one another.

How does this work in to my Women Who Rock… Although I don’t know these ladies personally…. I do feel that they are STOKED to be Strong Women.. & they strive to push other women & girls to be strong, have fun & care for one another… That’s why over the next few weeks I will feature two of these women every Thursday on my blog post!

I promise you will be inspired by each of these ladies, just as I am now! From the Mountains to the Ocean & everywhere in between… These Ladies know how to Rock It!

Week 1 – Michelle Parker – Big Mountain Skier

Week 1 – Kaya Turski – Freestyle Skier

Week 2 – Lakey Peterson – Pro Surfer

Week 2 – CoCo Ho – Pro Surfer

Week 3 – Lynz Pastrana – Pro Skateboarder/NitroCircus/Mom

Week 3 – Jolene Van Vugt – MotoCross Racer/NitroCircus


(Photo Credit to those who took these. Pictures are not my own. Thank you to those who share.)

Keep in tune ladies… Let this inspiration set you out to push forward, follow dreams, & be your own Super Star in the making!!

Luv Ya… WRG


Who Loves The Floppy Hat!?

Lately I have been obsessed with the floppy hat look. I love them! The other day I went into the city to grab a few things… When there I seen it… The perfect floppy hat! Black felt..& simply cute!

I tried it on.. was wondering if I would be able to pull it off… hmmmmm…

Looked at the price tag.. it read “$14”.

Ummmm I would be silly NOT to buy this super fun hat! I then seen a cool cap for T as well… When I got to the til he said they were both now “$10”! Sweeeeeet! I love a good deal!

Here are some gals that can rock the floppy hat!

Soooooo Gorgeous

 floppy hat



I love Lyn-z Pastrana’s red floppy hat she sports!


I am quite happy with mine… although I think it would look even better once my luscious locks get a little longer!

Do you sport a floppy hat… what colour?! Cant wait to wear mine…. If your real lucky I may even post a pic! 😉


Hope you all are having a GREAT Week so far!

Luv ya… WRG