6 FUN Winter Hair Ideas by Hair by Heer

6 FUN Winter Hair Ideas by Hair by Heer

Confession-I hate the cold BUT I do love the fashion accessories winter has to offer. Scarves, tights, boots and all these fun and warm head goodies:) I know, I’m kinda addicted.

Thanks Gal … Hope we can all Rock this look like you do!!
Luv Ya… WRG xox


Day 13-15 30 Day Photo Challenge

Well I’m still stickin’ true to this challenge… but I must admit it is a very fun challenge! We just hit the 1/2 way point… so lots more pictures to come!!!

Day 13 – Written Words

Came home from our winter 2 week roadtrip to sticky notes littering my office… So glad they told me my name… Such good co-workers!


Day 14 – Movement

Always on the road… everyday driving something somewhere… felt the highway was fitting for me….


Day 15 – Technology

This little device has saved my ass more than a few times… 1+1=3… Right??


Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!! Remember to check out my new online store!!!


Luv Ya,… WRG

Help Us Reach 200 Likes!

Help Us Reach 200 Likes!

Goooooood Moooorning All you Beautiful Faces!!
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Happy Thursday All!!

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*EXCITING NEWS* WildRose Gypsy Online Shop is OPEN for Business!!

Hello Hello my Beautiful Readers!! I hope you are all enjoying your life as much as you can!

I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer! Not only because my flowers are growing so much you can no longer see the dirt in my flower bed… not only because everyone surrounding me is sunkissed with big smiles… but also because I have been working on a little something something the past month or so… the WILDROSE GYPSY ONLINE SHOP!


Here is the “About WRG” that I posted on my webpage… It will give you a little insight as to why I decided to take off on this little venture…

“Wild & Crazy Some May Say, But Others Just Call It a Gypsy’s Way” – wrg

“Welcome to my little online shop! This shop is for all you “middle of nowhere” ladies, that between chores, work, harvest, meals, cleaning, kids, love & life… you just don’t have time to run to the big city lights to shop for yourself.

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A quick bit about me… I was born & raised on the prairies.. & I am lucky enough to continue this way of life. Our farm is on its 5th generation… & this is where my family & I’s heart lies. I now live a few miles away on my guy’s farm where I get to carry on my lifestyle of living the country life. Between the two family farms, & our day jobs I know how hard it is to find time…. So I hope my little shop helps you all save a little time & keep a smile on your face as you rock your favorite accessories!! 

Love your Life… & Be Happy Dammit!

Luv Ya.. Thanks for stopping by!




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As a start I am only shipping within Canada… I am fairly new to this side of the technology.. & getting all my shipping options rolling, so please forgive me as I want to ensure every single one of my customers is “HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY” (as Phil from Duck Dynasty” would say. 🙂 )

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Happy happy happy

I appreciate all your support.. Especially T’s when he said “Give it a shot!! You never know until you try!”. He’s my best supporter! 🙂

Happy Tuesday to you all!!! Looking forward to some *positive* feedback!

Luv Ya… WRG

Farm Gal Hair

Right now.. in the dusty dirty field, running around in trucks with no air conditioning, you melt in the sun, with freckles of dirt covering you, a glow to your cheeks, & your hair is not only tied in knots 3 times over, but its sticking to the left, right, straight up & sideways!

Yet you still get that smile from your guy when he looks over at you & you recieve one of two comments… :

1) “Ha.. Honey you look shit…”


2) “Your Beautiful”

Both are compliments by this time, as you know he appreciates & loves it when your willing to work hard & get dirty!

I thought I would throw together a few collections of hairdo’s that may stand a chance in that dusty wind, rain, & heat.

1) The Top Knot Bun (something I am still trying to master with my shoulder length hair)

Credit : http://longhairstyleshowto.com/top-knot-hair-tutorial/

I like this one.. because I can do it~! Simple easy, out of your face & cute! I would secure it with a few extra bobby pins… Especially if your planning on training that wild bronc in the round pen!

Then I had to post this ladies tutorial too from

http://www.howdoeshe.com… She looks like a fun gal!!! Love her Bun!


Next…I need the braid underneath to hold all them free flying strands!

upside down french braid into top knot

Check Out Her YouTube Video Tutorial:


2) Side Braid

yeah, this is basically me, throw a side braid in, a sweatshirt on, some shades and call it good.

If you keep it tight enough most of your pieces shouldn’t fall free.. plus you can throw a cap on over it & call it good!

Credit Given To Whom It May Concern…. Thanks for the Perfect Picture for my Blog!

Another Side Braid

not so into the bird, but that's a fierce braid!

The HeadBand (Love & Use VERY Often)

I LOVE Three Bird Nests Headbands! I own a few!


Alicia & her girls provide the BEST Customer Service too!


Lastly the classic never fail ponytail!


& Yes when in doubt just throw on your favorite worn out & wicked ball cap & call it good! I must say this is a favorite go to more then often… Plus protects the ole scalp from a sunburn on those real hot days!

Remember the messier the hair the more your in fashion & the harder you have worked! 😉

Hope this helps!

Luv Ya… WRG