Ballet Bun Made Easy – Hair By Heer

If you don’t have one of these “mesh donuts” (I’m naming it that because the real names slipped my mind) yet, go get one!!! You will thank me later! You can get different sizes and colors and find them anywhere from Claire’s to Walmart. Best $5 you’ll ever spend. They are genius!!!!

Bun Mesh Donut

So first throw your hair in a high ponytail. Stick the donut over the ponytail. Spread your hair out evenly around it. Grab an elastic and wrap it around the whole thing, once or twice if possible. Leave the ends out for a messy look or tuck them in with bobby pins for a neat ballet bun! It’s the easiest cutest up-do around. Anyone can do this one!!!



6 FUN Winter Hair Ideas by Hair by Heer

6 FUN Winter Hair Ideas by Hair by Heer

Confession-I hate the cold BUT I do love the fashion accessories winter has to offer. Scarves, tights, boots and all these fun and warm head goodies:) I know, I’m kinda addicted.

Thanks Gal … Hope we can all Rock this look like you do!!
Luv Ya… WRG xox

Never Out Of Style – Jean Jackets by Hair by Heer

I was flipping thru some magazines in my down time(I say that like I have so much haha! 9month old plus hairstylist) slowing down as I hit the fashion section (I always do) and read Redbook state- “the jean jacket is timeless” and I honestly can’t agree more! I always had one growing up but my most recent one I bought was from The Gap in 2000(I was in grade 10, I loved this jacket, I still wear this jacket.)
Marilyn made it sexy in 1960

Olivia struts it in 1970

Tiffany owned it in the 80’s

Drew wears it in the 90’s

and flash forward still looking oh so fashionable in one today!

It’s perfect for any season! Wear it over a hoody and tights in the winter or over a T-shirt dress, some great boots and a colorful scarf in fall/spring or over a light maxi dress in summer. You can also wear denim with denim, but were taught the right way to do it “right now” is be sure not to wear matching denim! As long as they are different shades you can actually pair them together!

Here we see Reese sporting one in many different styles! Dressy, casual and Pregnant!

If you dont already own one warm up in a jean jacket this fall! Throw on a pair of knee high boots over some colored leggings a basic T-shirt then drape your fave scarf around your neck, lastly top it off with your fave denim jacket or blouse and you’ve got the look!!

Thanks Hair by Heer for the Post!!!

Whats In My Cupboard – Hair By Heer

“Whats in my cupboard?” you ask! Well here are my five fave hair products! these guys I just cant live with out!!!
Whether I’m wearing my hair sleek and neat or beachy and easy I use these 5 things almost everyday!
1. Moroccaan oil Treatment- I apply this first into wet hair, and after into dry hair. I use it as a leave in conditioner, aids to combing through wet hair and polishing dry hair adding shine!!!
2. Redken Outshine- next I run this thru my wet hair. If I’m going for a beachy air dry wave, I scrunch it in. If I’m going for sleek straight I smooth it in. Sometimes I mix the Moroccan oil and the outshine together in my hands then apply!
3&4. Osis refresh dust and/or osis dust it- After I’ve blown my hair dry for a smooth tidy look I apply dust it to my roots and backcomb, this stuff works wonders for mega volume!!! or if I let it air dry for a natural beachy look I spray some of the refresh dust on the ends and scrunch, also add some to the roots for a slighter softer version of volume compared to the dust it.
5.Chi magnified Volume finishing spray- Spray this delicious smelling goodness all over your finished product and Ta Da!
Thanks for the tips Hair By Heer!!! (Be Sure To Like Her on Facebook @ HairbyHeer)
Luv Ya… WRG

Dressed Up Pony – Hair By Heer

Hair By Heer shows us how to do a beauitful dressed up ponytail! Simple & Classy!

2 easy ways to dress up your ponytail this summer! 
-start by creating some volume. Blast your roots with some dry shampoo or backcombing dust (osis dust it powder or osis refresh dust spray are my faves) and backcomb then lightly smooth it
-take the backcombed area and bobby pin it into place. Leave the front out and add more volume by securing it high with the pins
-pull remaining hair(minus the front section) into a pontail. Once you have done this you can remove the bobby pins you used to secure the backcombing. 
-Next French braid, twist or even leave the front sections straight. Pull the braided/twisted end in to the back and wrap it around you ponytail. bobby pin it to secure underneath. Repeat on the other side
Ta Da!!!!




Love it! Thanks Hair By Heer!!

Have a great day All…. Luv Ya.. WRG

Banana Bread by Hair By Heer

So our beautiful lady over at Hair by Heer decided to share with me her favorite banana bread recipe!! I haven’t had a chance to whip us up a batch, but by looking at the picture she sent me, along with the ingredients how could this possibly not be incredibly delicious!!!

The Best Banana Bread - Hair By Heer
The Best Banana Bread – Hair By Heer

Hair by Heer – I love banana bread!!!! I’ve only tried about 3 different recipes, all of which have turned out great, but there is something about this one I’ve been making lately that just takes the cake! Maybe it’s the super moist inside, maybe it’s the slight crunch of the crust? I don’t know, but I looooove it and thought everyone needs to taste what I’m talking about:)
Original recipe out of- Taste of Home “The Best of Country Cooking” 2010 editon, submitted by Emily Gedenberg
I’ve altered the recipe as hers yields 2 to 1 and switched the vanilla instant pudding for pistachio because that’s what I had on hand(equally as good, but makes it green prior to cooking haha)

The Best Banana Bread

1 1/4c flour
3/4c sugar
1pack vanilla instant pudding
1tsp baking soda
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp cinnamon
2 eggs
2 ripe mash bananas
1tsp vanilla
Handful of nuts(I used chopped walnuts)

-Mix first 6 ingredients together
-In separate bowl mix remaining Ingredients(minus the nuts). Combine the 2. Pour into greased  8×4 inch loaf pan. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and bake at 350 for 1hour

Thanks for the recipe Hair by Heer!!! Hope you all enjoy your day!

Luv Ya… WRG

Want Victoria Secret Model Hair..!?

We all love those beachy waves seen on Victoria’s Secret models right?!

Well guess what, they don’t do their own hair, a stylist spends many hours I’m sure perfecting that natural soft curl look! So this is how I get the similar look-
I use my 1inch cone iron, curl thick sections then brush it all out with a paddle brush!

Gorgeous Soft Beach Waves~!~


I know this look will come in handy this summer!! Thanks Hair by Heer for yet another wonderful post!!!

What do you all think…!?

Luv Ya… WRG

Long Full Ponytail – Hair by Heer

I have long hair but I’m envious of those LONG full ponytails! Mine just doesn’t look like that! So thanks to Pinterest I’ve figured out how to fake it!

Make a half pony, then put a second pony under it! Brilliant!!

Beautiful Bouncy Ponytail
Beautiful Bouncy Ponytail

What do you think of this cute, & simple ponytail trick!?! I can’t wait to try it!!

Thanks Hair by Heer~ for another brilliant tip~!

Luv Ya … WRG

Braids to Waves – Hair by Heer

Sleeping in braids is one of the oldest tricks in the book, everyone knows its result etc. But it really is quick, easy, and a healthy hair alternative-no heat necessary! I shower a couple hours b4 I go to sleep, let it air dry a bit, then right before I crawl into bed for the night I put it into 4 basic braids. One on each side and 2 in the back. You don’t have to know how to French braid or anything, just a plain old braid, even my husband could do it;) (he’ll be embarrassed I mentioned him) anyway whip the 4 braids in, loose or tight(they will give loose or tight waves depending) go to sleep, wake up and voila!

HbH - Braids
click to enlarge
Hbh Braids After
click to enlarge


You can just leave it as is, or you can take your flat iron to the roots and make a little kink to help blend into the waves below, as well as adding volume. Just take your iron and bend your wrist to create a kink. Give it a few squirts of hairspray and mess it up a bit, or you could add a headband to fancy it up a little. This really is the easiest hairdo ever!

hbh-braids after2
click to enlarge

Love this trick… Hair By Heer

Hair By Heer

Hi All,

I am super excited to introduce you to a super rad gal! This lil’ lady always has her hair done just right, & it always look beautiful! She is a mama to a beautiful little girl, a wonderful wife, & an unreal hairstylist!

& Guess What!?!?

She is going to share some of her hair secrets with us!!!

Being a Mom, & working part-time she is all about easy hair… so for you busy bodies out there, that still want to look fantastic.. be sure to keep checking back for more styles on the tab “Hair By Heer” on the main menu.

So Excited!! & Thanks C.Heer for making us gals look Fab!

Hair By Heer
Hair By Heer – Cute Farm Girl Hair

Here is her first post! Its very fitting considering I just did a Farm Gal Hair post… & this style couldn’t be more farm girl!

Here is how she did it:
I bought the head band from Claire’s, it was maybe $10. I love it, it has wire in it so it holds the knot nicely and it doesn’t hurt your head like elastic ones tend to. Next make a little bang poof. Pull rest into a messy bun, then tie band around it all(behind bang poof) that’s all! So easy:)

Let Me know How this looks works for you!

Luv Ya… WRG