Ballet Bun Made Easy – Hair By Heer

If you don’t have one of these “mesh donuts” (I’m naming it that because the real names slipped my mind) yet, go get one!!! You will thank me later! You can get different sizes and colors and find them anywhere from Claire’s to Walmart. Best $5 you’ll ever spend. They are genius!!!!

Bun Mesh Donut

So first throw your hair in a high ponytail. Stick the donut over the ponytail. Spread your hair out evenly around it. Grab an elastic and wrap it around the whole thing, once or twice if possible. Leave the ends out for a messy look or tuck them in with bobby pins for a neat ballet bun! It’s the easiest cutest up-do around. Anyone can do this one!!!



Dressed Up Pony – Hair By Heer

Hair By Heer shows us how to do a beauitful dressed up ponytail! Simple & Classy!

2 easy ways to dress up your ponytail this summer! 
-start by creating some volume. Blast your roots with some dry shampoo or backcombing dust (osis dust it powder or osis refresh dust spray are my faves) and backcomb then lightly smooth it
-take the backcombed area and bobby pin it into place. Leave the front out and add more volume by securing it high with the pins
-pull remaining hair(minus the front section) into a pontail. Once you have done this you can remove the bobby pins you used to secure the backcombing. 
-Next French braid, twist or even leave the front sections straight. Pull the braided/twisted end in to the back and wrap it around you ponytail. bobby pin it to secure underneath. Repeat on the other side
Ta Da!!!!




Love it! Thanks Hair By Heer!!

Have a great day All…. Luv Ya.. WRG