Hi Everybody!!

I just want to say WOW!! I have not blogged to you much at all the past 6 months. Life has been too amazing.. I’ve been soaking up each moment & when I have been home I have not been around my computer.

I want to thank everyone who continues to support my blog. I have been averaging 7-10 visitors a DAY still… with no recent posts. It just blows me away. So thank you all for still returning to my site to see old posts.. recipes or trick. I will be in the process of changing my site up & I plan to write to you all more often now that life has slowed itself down.

A little update… there is no longer a WildRose Gypsy Facebook page. However please feel free to share posts on your Facebook if you wish.

I will leave you all with a sneak peak wedding photo… T & I got married on June 21. It was such a beautiful day! We loved every minute of it. ❤

 TnA Wedding 2014


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