Closing Shop

Hi There Ladies… & Gents… Whoever purchased items off my little online shop.

I have to say that for now I will be closing my shop. Reasons being that I just have not had time to focus on it & I do not want to let any of you down by not getting items to you  or not being able to meet what it was you wanted.

I appreciate all the business & support you have given me. I had so much fun in the little time I was opened & I hate to quit on you all… but I have other needs that need to be taken care of & given time over this shop. 

The items that I was selling are available online. The ladies who make these items are beyond a joy to deal with. In fact some of us even become email-pals! All you buyers know they quality of their items… so please continue to shop from them. I know I will be!

Bear Creek Collections (bracelets) is a little Canadian-based company. They are sisters who work hard & continue to learn new things to bring only the freshest look to you all! These sisters got it going on… & I have never had a complaint about there product.. instead people say “Give Me More!”

Here is there site:   

Shipping is cheap & takes a week! So how can you go wrong!! 

Gertie & Baxter is who I dealt with for all my soft goods! These girls rock at producing product. Again, I have not had any complaints regarding there quality. They bring together vibrant colours, with great quality fabric & a whole lot of Fun!

Here is there site:

They are from California, USA but the shipping only took a mere 10 days on average to make it to Alberta.

I still have a few items left, some scarves & headbands.. I hope to post these items soon.

I appreciate you all letting me give this little shop a chance & I really hope to re-open its doors when the timing is right! I made a lot of new friends because of it as well… I mean who doesn’t LOVE new friends!!! 

Thanks again All for the love!!

Onto the next adventure…. check back here to see where the roads may lead next…

Luv Ya… WRG   xox



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