Missing In Action

Hi all my gorgeous friends!!!

I know you have all probably felt that I have fallen off the face of the earth.. But lucky for you all I have not.

I have been a busy busy girl lately & have not taken the time to tend to my readers. For that I am sorry. I have thought of you all quite often though.. if that makes you feel any better. 🙂

Since I have last wrote to you all I have had a lot going on.

1) T proposed to me December 9th! Yup he sure did. We are getting married in June & couldn’t be more excited!!


So with a June wedding that has only given us 6 months to plan. Among this was the month of Christmas… which we took in stride & spent every waking minute with friends & family & soaking up the fresh new change.

2) I had ACL surgery on my knee finally!! During this time I did have time to write as I sat on the couch with a leg in the air for 2-3 weeks. But to be honest not a lot was happening & I wasn’t feeling all that inspired to write.


photo 11

A week after my surgery I was able to hop in & out of wedding dresses with my crutches.. mom, mom in-law & my two best friends (T’s cousins) to help me out! The dress was bought!

T was amazing during my recovery.. the dishes were always done & my water dish was always full. With 1000 stairs in our house I felt slightly limited to… well everything. I could hardly get myself a glass of water the first ten days. So I am happy to be marrying a man that between work, the shop, the house, the meals, the cats & his broken down lady friend he was able to keep up with everything & with non the less a massive smile across his face!

So I dedicate this collage of pictures to him!Image

3) Next my Best friend called to say she & her man were getting married! They have been engaged for some time, & have a beautiful family…. so we always knew the BIG day would happen… I just wasn’t expecting her to say “We are getting married next Friday.. can you do me a favor & be my witness?!” Holy S*&@! Heck Yes I Will!

So T & I got to stand next to our best friends, in a beautiful church at night with the Pastor. Her sister & her guy took pictures & videoed it… so with just 7 people I must say it was quite romantic. I couldn’t be happier for the two.

To top the night off.. we planned a Surprise House Warming for the couple (which they were in on) so we could get their families both over without any suspicion. Little did the parents & neighbors know.. that it was them to be surprised.. when in walked a Bride & Groom! It was such a fabulous night & one that none of us will ever forget!

Love you Guys & Congrats Again C + G!!

First Cake I Have Ever Made!

4) I had my community bridal shower that T’s community threw for me. It was absolutely beautiful & I was showered with so much love, laughter, & gifts. I feel so blessed to be apart of this community.

5) I had to visit this little man… I mean look at those cheeks.. how could I not..am I right!?

photo 33

So as you can see things have been a little wild in our parts. But all in great fun of course!! I hope to write to you all a lot more from now on!!

Take Care.. Love Ya… WRG


FREEDOM! I couldnt wear jeans or go outside for what felt like forever! So this was my first time doing both after 10 days post-surgery



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