Closing Shop

Hi There Ladies… & Gents… Whoever purchased items off my little online shop.

I have to say that for now I will be closing my shop. Reasons being that I just have not had time to focus on it & I do not want to let any of you down by not getting items to you  or not being able to meet what it was you wanted.

I appreciate all the business & support you have given me. I had so much fun in the little time I was opened & I hate to quit on you all… but I have other needs that need to be taken care of & given time over this shop. 

The items that I was selling are available online. The ladies who make these items are beyond a joy to deal with. In fact some of us even become email-pals! All you buyers know they quality of their items… so please continue to shop from them. I know I will be!

Bear Creek Collections (bracelets) is a little Canadian-based company. They are sisters who work hard & continue to learn new things to bring only the freshest look to you all! These sisters got it going on… & I have never had a complaint about there product.. instead people say “Give Me More!”

Here is there site:   

Shipping is cheap & takes a week! So how can you go wrong!! 

Gertie & Baxter is who I dealt with for all my soft goods! These girls rock at producing product. Again, I have not had any complaints regarding there quality. They bring together vibrant colours, with great quality fabric & a whole lot of Fun!

Here is there site:

They are from California, USA but the shipping only took a mere 10 days on average to make it to Alberta.

I still have a few items left, some scarves & headbands.. I hope to post these items soon.

I appreciate you all letting me give this little shop a chance & I really hope to re-open its doors when the timing is right! I made a lot of new friends because of it as well… I mean who doesn’t LOVE new friends!!! 

Thanks again All for the love!!

Onto the next adventure…. check back here to see where the roads may lead next…

Luv Ya… WRG   xox



Missing In Action

Hi all my gorgeous friends!!!

I know you have all probably felt that I have fallen off the face of the earth.. But lucky for you all I have not.

I have been a busy busy girl lately & have not taken the time to tend to my readers. For that I am sorry. I have thought of you all quite often though.. if that makes you feel any better. 🙂

Since I have last wrote to you all I have had a lot going on.

1) T proposed to me December 9th! Yup he sure did. We are getting married in June & couldn’t be more excited!!


So with a June wedding that has only given us 6 months to plan. Among this was the month of Christmas… which we took in stride & spent every waking minute with friends & family & soaking up the fresh new change.

2) I had ACL surgery on my knee finally!! During this time I did have time to write as I sat on the couch with a leg in the air for 2-3 weeks. But to be honest not a lot was happening & I wasn’t feeling all that inspired to write.


photo 11

A week after my surgery I was able to hop in & out of wedding dresses with my crutches.. mom, mom in-law & my two best friends (T’s cousins) to help me out! The dress was bought!

T was amazing during my recovery.. the dishes were always done & my water dish was always full. With 1000 stairs in our house I felt slightly limited to… well everything. I could hardly get myself a glass of water the first ten days. So I am happy to be marrying a man that between work, the shop, the house, the meals, the cats & his broken down lady friend he was able to keep up with everything & with non the less a massive smile across his face!

So I dedicate this collage of pictures to him!Image

3) Next my Best friend called to say she & her man were getting married! They have been engaged for some time, & have a beautiful family…. so we always knew the BIG day would happen… I just wasn’t expecting her to say “We are getting married next Friday.. can you do me a favor & be my witness?!” Holy S*&@! Heck Yes I Will!

So T & I got to stand next to our best friends, in a beautiful church at night with the Pastor. Her sister & her guy took pictures & videoed it… so with just 7 people I must say it was quite romantic. I couldn’t be happier for the two.

To top the night off.. we planned a Surprise House Warming for the couple (which they were in on) so we could get their families both over without any suspicion. Little did the parents & neighbors know.. that it was them to be surprised.. when in walked a Bride & Groom! It was such a fabulous night & one that none of us will ever forget!

Love you Guys & Congrats Again C + G!!

First Cake I Have Ever Made!

4) I had my community bridal shower that T’s community threw for me. It was absolutely beautiful & I was showered with so much love, laughter, & gifts. I feel so blessed to be apart of this community.

5) I had to visit this little man… I mean look at those cheeks.. how could I I right!?

photo 33

So as you can see things have been a little wild in our parts. But all in great fun of course!! I hope to write to you all a lot more from now on!!

Take Care.. Love Ya… WRG


FREEDOM! I couldnt wear jeans or go outside for what felt like forever! So this was my first time doing both after 10 days post-surgery