Kaya Turski

Photo Credit: RedBull.com
Photo Credit: RedBull.com

I am still getting to know this gal… but so far what I do know is she is one determined.. focused…fun loving chick!! I follow her on the ole Instagram… & you can tell she likes to have fun… get healthy & spin through the air!!

She is one of our very own Canadians.. & she will be competing in Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games! I am beyond excited to watch her through these times.


She has faced a pretty big challenge leading up to her training for the Olympics. She tore her ACL for the 3rd time just 6 months prior to Sochi! Talk about throwing a wrench into things. But with her positive attitude, her support team & her drive to be competing at the 2014 Olympics, for the first year of the Slope Style Skiing… she is well on route to being healed up & ready to rock!!

Kaya really caught my interest when I learned the route on how she became a pro skier…

Photo Credit: Peter Morning click photo to be linked to Kaya Turski's Homepage.
Photo Credit: Peter Morning
click photo to be linked to Kaya Turski’s Homepage.

Kaya started skiing late 2005/2006 when she was 17 years old… & she turned Pro in 2007 at 18 years old. I loved this fact about her. It proves that you don’t necessarily have to start out as a small children to become a professional… & that if you have the drive, the determination & the attitude to LOVE what you do & pursue it.. you can succeed!!


I’m definitely not saying 17 or 18 years is old… I’m just saying no matter what it can be done!! If YOU choose to~!

Then from 2007 on she has been climbing the ranks & pushing the limits in women’s slopestyle skiing. For example she was the FIRST woman to land a switch 1080, & she has also won 6 consecutive X-games Gold Medals. So as you can see Kaya is a force to be reckoned with!

winter x games 16_kaya turski

Here is her 1080 on video (@ 58sec)… Click the Link below:


Fun fact number 2 … She used to rock the rollerblades!!


Here is a fun little video of her ripping off her website:


She is a bit of a dream catcher this one… so lets hope she catches her dream of winning to 2014 Olympic Gold Medal in Sochi!

download (1)

Good Luck Kaya!!! & I/We look forward to following you & your success!!


Luv Ya… WRG


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