Kaya Turski

Photo Credit: RedBull.com
Photo Credit: RedBull.com

I am still getting to know this gal… but so far what I do know is she is one determined.. focused…fun loving chick!! I follow her on the ole Instagram… & you can tell she likes to have fun… get healthy & spin through the air!!

She is one of our very own Canadians.. & she will be competing in Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games! I am beyond excited to watch her through these times.


She has faced a pretty big challenge leading up to her training for the Olympics. She tore her ACL for the 3rd time just 6 months prior to Sochi! Talk about throwing a wrench into things. But with her positive attitude, her support team & her drive to be competing at the 2014 Olympics, for the first year of the Slope Style Skiing… she is well on route to being healed up & ready to rock!!

Kaya really caught my interest when I learned the route on how she became a pro skier…

Photo Credit: Peter Morning click photo to be linked to Kaya Turski's Homepage.
Photo Credit: Peter Morning
click photo to be linked to Kaya Turski’s Homepage.

Kaya started skiing late 2005/2006 when she was 17 years old… & she turned Pro in 2007 at 18 years old. I loved this fact about her. It proves that you don’t necessarily have to start out as a small children to become a professional… & that if you have the drive, the determination & the attitude to LOVE what you do & pursue it.. you can succeed!!


I’m definitely not saying 17 or 18 years is old… I’m just saying no matter what it can be done!! If YOU choose to~!

Then from 2007 on she has been climbing the ranks & pushing the limits in women’s slopestyle skiing. For example she was the FIRST woman to land a switch 1080, & she has also won 6 consecutive X-games Gold Medals. So as you can see Kaya is a force to be reckoned with!

winter x games 16_kaya turski

Here is her 1080 on video (@ 58sec)… Click the Link below:


Fun fact number 2 … She used to rock the rollerblades!!


Here is a fun little video of her ripping off her website:


She is a bit of a dream catcher this one… so lets hope she catches her dream of winning to 2014 Olympic Gold Medal in Sochi!

download (1)

Good Luck Kaya!!! & I/We look forward to following you & your success!!


Luv Ya… WRG


Life Happens

Life Happens

Hey all…. So so so so sorry I have been so so so so very slack on my blog lately!

I am really hoping to get things picked up for you. With Christmas around the corner my little shop has been very busy.

Keep in mind that I have been thinking of you all….Life Happens.

Luv Ya… WRG

Ballet Bun Made Easy – Hair By Heer

If you don’t have one of these “mesh donuts” (I’m naming it that because the real names slipped my mind) yet, go get one!!! You will thank me later! You can get different sizes and colors and find them anywhere from Claire’s to Walmart. Best $5 you’ll ever spend. They are genius!!!!

Bun Mesh Donut

So first throw your hair in a high ponytail. Stick the donut over the ponytail. Spread your hair out evenly around it. Grab an elastic and wrap it around the whole thing, once or twice if possible. Leave the ends out for a messy look or tuck them in with bobby pins for a neat ballet bun! It’s the easiest cutest up-do around. Anyone can do this one!!!


Michelle Parker

Love this Picture! Credits:Chris Coulter (click photo to be linked)
Love this Picture! Credits:Chris Coulter (click photo to be linked)

From the first time I seen this girl rip on a Matchsticks Production Ski Film I was hooked! She has such a free spirited presence to her.. & her style is so smooth! She charges some massive lines.. & drops some pretty rad cliffs too! The passion that she has for the sport & life in general just drives me to want to ski better.. to try new things… or even just to go for a hike in the backyard & appreciate & soak up all that is around you. You can see it in her eyes that she is determined to live her life to the fullest! I suggest you follow her on Instagram… Her pictures show you the world through her eyes… & she has some pretty unreal shots.

click photo for link

Photo Credit: Blake Jorgenson
Photo Credit: Blake Jorgenson

When you don’t see her on the slopes… you can guess she is either mountain biking down some trails… or hanging off the side of a rock… or calming her spirit through yoga.

Credits: Chris Coulter
Credits: Chris Coulter

Last year her & a few other leading ladies in the ski world decided to put together S.A.F.E A.S. (Skiers Advocating and Fostering Education for Avalanche and Snow Safety) Clinics for women! Not only do they teach you the reality & risks of the Mountains & how to stay safe… but they also give you a YOGA class with Sherry McConkey, & an afternoon full of skiing followed by some great prizes!! I suggest looking into this. I was dying to go to this clinic this year… I got in contact with Michelle Parker about it (reason 153 why I think she is so down to earth as she has taken the time to respond to my messages & fill me full of tips & facts regarding this clinic among other things). For all you skiers out there… I cannot stress enough the importance of Mountain Safety.. so please educate yourself before heading out into the back country. Click on the link below to see if they are coming to a resort near you… It may be booked up this year.. but at least you will be aware of it & can get a head start on the 2014 year.

The Ladies Of S.A.F.E. A.S. (click photo for their facebook link)

S.A.F.E. A.S.


Seeing this gal can’t get enough of the snow & winter…. she is teamed up with SASS Global Travel where she works as a ski coach for a month of the summer in Argentina! (talk about living the life eh..!?) If you are interested or have the chance.. I suggest you check this out & join Michelle & her team there next year!

SASS Global Travel - Click Photo For Link
SASS Global Travel – Click Photo For Link

Michelle also works hard for others & raises awareness from climate change to helmet protection.

She has been faced with many challenges… from multiple knee surgeries.. to helping heal close friends… to losing great friends who continue to inspire her. All of this has made Michelle who she is today… a strong, beautiful soul ready for whatever adventure strikes her next! This is where she inspires me… she works hard.. she pushes through & all in having a great Smile spread across her face & embracing all life has to offer her!

Credits: www.michelle-parker.com
All SMILES – Credits: http://www.michelle-parker.com

Make sure to check her out in:

Warren Millers–> Ticket to Ride  … You can watch Michelle’s segment below… or click on this link to see when the Premiere is coming to you! http://www.skinet.com/warrenmiller/events/canadian-film-tour

Click Photo For Video!
Click Photo For Video!

MatchStick Productions –> Days Of My Youth (coming 2014)

Click Photo to Watch Trailer
Click Photo to Watch Trailer

& Super Heroes of Stoke (Michelle’s segment Below)

Click Photo For Video
Click Photo For Video

She starting skiing at the age of 1… went pro at 15… & now at 26 is one of the most influential big mountain female skiers around… plus she is giving those boys a run for their money too!

She displays a fun loving spirit that makes you want to get out there & enjoy every minute of what it is YOU love..!! So get to it Ladies!

Also be sure to check out the following foundations that are keeping alive a couple important Pioneers of Skiing!

Shane McConkey Foundation

Click Photo For Link

Sarah Burke Foundation

Click Photo For Link
Click Photo For Link

Also Check out these organizations she is a huge Fan of:

Helmets Are Cool – https://www.facebook.com/HighFivesFoundation?directed_target_id=0

Climate Reality – https://www.facebook.com/climatereality?fref=ts

Get Out & Play!!

Luv Ya… WRG

(All photo credits are to those who took them… & linked to each photo)

Also there may be a slight switch up in the “Women Who Rock” schedule.. there is sooo much to learn about these amazing ladies.. I may need to take more time on each. I will keep you posted!

Women Who Rock

I have been getting very inspired the last year by some amazing women who Rock!! Not only do these lovely ladies know how to have fun… but they also seem extremely down to earth… & they stick true to what they love without getting caught up in the “Hype” of being a “Superstar”… if you know what I mean.

I often hear ladies saddened by the fact that other women judge them before getting to know them. This breaks my heart, because often those who are saddened have the most beautiful souls! My parents always taught my brother & I to never judge anyone until WE..ourselves know them. To this day my brother & I have done this.. & because of this we have met some really great people & made some really good friends. You don’t judge a book by its cover… so why judge a person by theirs…right!?

With this being said… most women are the bad for this. Most men stick together… they look after each other.. they get excited when each other succeed… they have healthy competition.. they have a beer after.. they help each other…

I’m not saying women don’t do the same for each other… I’m just saying a lot of them are quicker to judge then lend a hand. & I feel it can only benefit us to work harder on looking after one another.

How does this work in to my Women Who Rock… Although I don’t know these ladies personally…. I do feel that they are STOKED to be Strong Women.. & they strive to push other women & girls to be strong, have fun & care for one another… That’s why over the next few weeks I will feature two of these women every Thursday on my blog post!

I promise you will be inspired by each of these ladies, just as I am now! From the Mountains to the Ocean & everywhere in between… These Ladies know how to Rock It!

Week 1 – Michelle Parker – Big Mountain Skier

Week 1 – Kaya Turski – Freestyle Skier

Week 2 – Lakey Peterson – Pro Surfer

Week 2 – CoCo Ho – Pro Surfer

Week 3 – Lynz Pastrana – Pro Skateboarder/NitroCircus/Mom

Week 3 – Jolene Van Vugt – MotoCross Racer/NitroCircus


(Photo Credit to those who took these. Pictures are not my own. Thank you to those who share.)

Keep in tune ladies… Let this inspiration set you out to push forward, follow dreams, & be your own Super Star in the making!!

Luv Ya… WRG

6 FUN Winter Hair Ideas by Hair by Heer

6 FUN Winter Hair Ideas by Hair by Heer

Confession-I hate the cold BUT I do love the fashion accessories winter has to offer. Scarves, tights, boots and all these fun and warm head goodies:) I know, I’m kinda addicted.

Thanks Gal … Hope we can all Rock this look like you do!!
Luv Ya… WRG xox