Never Out Of Style – Jean Jackets by Hair by Heer

I was flipping thru some magazines in my down time(I say that like I have so much haha! 9month old plus hairstylist) slowing down as I hit the fashion section (I always do) and read Redbook state- “the jean jacket is timeless” and I honestly can’t agree more! I always had one growing up but my most recent one I bought was from The Gap in 2000(I was in grade 10, I loved this jacket, I still wear this jacket.)
Marilyn made it sexy in 1960

Olivia struts it in 1970

Tiffany owned it in the 80’s

Drew wears it in the 90’s

and flash forward still looking oh so fashionable in one today!

It’s perfect for any season! Wear it over a hoody and tights in the winter or over a T-shirt dress, some great boots and a colorful scarf in fall/spring or over a light maxi dress in summer. You can also wear denim with denim, but were taught the right way to do it “right now” is be sure not to wear matching denim! As long as they are different shades you can actually pair them together!

Here we see Reese sporting one in many different styles! Dressy, casual and Pregnant!

If you dont already own one warm up in a jean jacket this fall! Throw on a pair of knee high boots over some colored leggings a basic T-shirt then drape your fave scarf around your neck, lastly top it off with your fave denim jacket or blouse and you’ve got the look!!

Thanks Hair by Heer for the Post!!!

Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma…..

Despite all the comments… photos… negative thoughts… I still feel Miley Cyrus has an unreal voice!!


Everyone goes through times in their life.. good.. bad.. crazy.. & everyone takes time to grown into who they are. Although we all may not agree with the way this 20 something pop star is portraying herself as of late… she can still rock the microphone… so we can’t harsh on her for that… Plus really who are we to judge… instead of using negative time & energy to dis her… why not use that time & energy to be positive about people, places, activities , etc that we DO agree with & support… There are all kinds of kinds out there… so lets inhale the positive & exhale the negative.


Remember what your Ma taught you as a young lad or lass “If you don’t have anything nice to say… then don’t say anything at all”… so lets practice it! 😉

Anyway…. on the Miley Cyrus note…. I LOVE Dolly Parton (okay that doesn’t sound right… but keep reading)… & I enjoy listening to her daily. She is the cutest southern bell around!


So as I was listening to her on YouTube the other day, a Miley Cyrus video showed up of her singing “Jolene”… She also sang “Look What They’ve Done To My Song” by Melanie Safka..


This is Melanie… Isn’t She Beautiful!!!

I am now addicted to her (Miley) singing these songs. This was just a short time before the whole “haircut wild” phase. I never really got into Miley.. I’m just not a popstar new music gal.. For example I repeatedly listen to “Classic Rewind” on Sirius.. hence why I love the sound of her & these songs.. it takes you back.

Please take a listen…. She does an unreal job with these songs~!~

Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma –

Jolene –

Luv Ya… WRG