Half Way Through the 30 Day “BE ACTIVE” Challenge!!

So we have made it half way through the 30 Day Be Active Challenge!! I hope you have all been staying active & enjoying every minute of this Indian Summer we have been having.

I have also been sticking true to my 30 Day Squat Challenge… Yesterday was the only day I had completely forgot to do my sqauts… & it was the first day in 2 weeks I have been home before 11pm! Not sure how that worked… but I did them today & I will carry onto Day 12 tomorrow~!!~ 🙂

Sorry for the lack of posts… Like I had said its that Busy Time of year…. So here are some pictures of what I have been up to the last 15 days! Enjoy & Happy Harvesting!!!!

Luv Ya… WRG


Making Midnight Energy Bites for all the late nights & early mornings… plus doing my day one of the Squat Challenge.

IMG_2770[1] IMG_2798[1]

Loving the look of a freshly cleaned up field!!

Pict 2 is of my dad.. so proud of him being able to run the show even though he broke his knee this summer! You should see him now! No crutches!! & the Doctors said it would take him months to get back walking…. 😉 Can’t compete with a Farmer & his Grain!

IMG_2776[1] IMG_2799[1]

My Be Active one day was getting out to pick up these Massive rocks! They get pretty heavy once your holding them above your head to get them onto the combine.

Pict 2 – Advertising my new headbands that came in for the WildRose Gypsy Store… No one can see them while I’m driving combine.. so thankful for InstaGram to show them off!


IMG_2834[1] IMG_2844[1]

Riding with T on an afternoon off… had to take advantage of that time.

Back at the farm, waiting for Grandpa to stop for supper! Walking through barley crops & doing squats when I can.

IMG_2859[1] IMG_2863[1]

Late night organization.. trying to keep my little shop running between my day job & farming job.

Pict 2. Straight cutting Canola… My Favorite!

IMG_2871[1] IMG_2875[1]

Helping T once I get home from my night shift at Dad’s farm. He had me unloading the truck while he worked on other things.

Pict 2. Back at Dads place… cutting Canola… A section of land & I was the only lonley Soul out there for a few hours that night… Gotta hate breakdowns. But damn was it Peaceful!


Made time to see my cutie Pearly!!!


Loading the Grain Cart to the very very top!!! Steady hand… Steady driver! No use for wasted space 😉

That’s been my life for the last 15 days… & I wouldn’t trade those long hard hours for anything! Love IT!


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