30 Day Photo Challenge Complete!!

Well the 30 day photo challenge is now complete as of today! I apologize I have not had any posts as of late… its the busiest time for the farmers right now as harvest is under way!! Here are the pictures I haven’t yet posted for you all to see!


Day 21 –  Where I Sleep … Love our new bedding


Day 22 –  Clothing … My Red Mountain Tee we got on our Ski Vacay


Day 23 –  In Your Closet … T’s side & my side… too many mirrors!


Day 24 – Gratitude … Grateful Everyday for where I was raised.


Day 25 – Artwork … T’s Gran cross stitched this for him.. Wolf Eyes


Day 26 – Transportation … 9660 JD Power


Day 27 – Daily Routine … Harry & Lloyd walk me out of the yard every morning on my way to work… Cool Cats


Day 28 – Nighttime … Grandpa taking me on the go.. combining peas.. harvest


Day 29 – Light … Early Morning Starts.. Here Comes the Sun~


Day 30 – Selfie … Last flick of the challenge… Shadows.. Sunshine


Hope you had fun following the 30 day photo challenge… if you have Instagram go to #wildrosegypsy to see others photo’s who did the challenge with me! It was sooo much fun~!!~ I think we need to do it again, & get a few more people to join on it!! maybe through the winter seasons… What do you think!?

Hope you all have a FUN, SAFE Long Weekend… & as for you Farm Kids… Work Hard & Help make this harvest Smooooth As Silk!

Happy Friday!

Luv Ya… WRG


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