Day 16 – 20 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge

Good Morning!! It has been absolutely gorgeous out here this last week, & harvest is fast approaching!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend… & have a beautifully fun week this week!!

Here are the pictures I had taken for Days 16 through 20 for the 30 day Photo Challenge!

16 – Animals – Here are our horses at the farm…


Day 17 – Memories

This was a candid shot my friends mom took of us riding in Mexico. Her mom knew a local from the few years they had been visiting this area, so we went out to see his place one morning. When we got there, he said “Saddles are here.. Horses are there… Ride a few miles that way until you see the ranch”. Then he & her mom took off in his van. My friend & I were not too fond of this considering we were planning on watching HIM ride.. (hence the shorts & flip flops) & we had to ride through “real” Mexico. On the “few” mile ride, on 2 year old Fillies… we got chased by a big ole dog, whistled at by a man with no legs.. chickens running wild.. dogs barking everywhere… No ranch in sight… we were a little nervous to say the least… & a lot happy to see the Ranch! It was by far one of my favorite memories!! & the scared excitement was fun too~!~

Day 18 – Something New – I have many many zucchini in my garden… I needed to decide what to do with them…. so I found a recipe on the wonderful Pinterest for canned “Italian Zucchini”. Cant wait to try them!!


Day 19 – Best Friend – I have two best friends…. 1) being my Brother, who has had my back from day one. Always the first person I would call be it “exciting news” or “troubled times”. Plus we have had more than our share of fun together!! 2) My Man T, who I count on everyday, who makes me a better person, who I share everything with. Love both these guys!!

429712_10151350660898284_832142147_n                                  IMG_2533[1]

Day 20 – Seasonal – Fall is fast approaching.. & with this heat the crops are turning. We will be in the field in no time. 😀


Have a GREAT Tuesday!!

Luv Ya… WRG


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