Help Us Reach 200 Likes!

Help Us Reach 200 Likes!

Goooooood Moooorning All you Beautiful Faces!!
Right now the WildRose Gypsy Shop portion of my site is looking to reach 200 Likes. So Head on over to my Facebook page ( & give me a little “Liking” would ya!!

Oh & once we hit 200 Likes I will release a Discount Code so you can receive 20% off any headband of your choice in my store!! How Exciting!!

Make sure you also check out some of the gorgeous bracelets I have in!! They are beyond beautiful… & honestly even prettier in person. They add a certain uniqueness to your style. Plus no 2 bracelets are the same… so no one can copy your Gypsy Style!!

Turquoise 2x Leather Wrap $35You Cannot Go Wrong With This Beauty!! $45LongHorn Turquoise Coral Cuff $45

Coral 5x Wrap Leather Bracelet

What Do you think!?!?

Oh & one last thing…. we are now shipping to the US of A!!~!!~!

Happy Thursday All!!

Luv Ya… WRG




What Do You Think..!?!?

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