30 Day Photo Challenge Complete!!

Well the 30 day photo challenge is now complete as of today! I apologize I have not had any posts as of late… its the busiest time for the farmers right now as harvest is under way!! Here are the pictures I haven’t yet posted for you all to see!


Day 21 –  Where I Sleep … Love our new bedding


Day 22 –  Clothing … My Red Mountain Tee we got on our Ski Vacay


Day 23 –  In Your Closet … T’s side & my side… too many mirrors!


Day 24 – Gratitude … Grateful Everyday for where I was raised.


Day 25 – Artwork … T’s Gran cross stitched this for him.. Wolf Eyes


Day 26 – Transportation … 9660 JD Power


Day 27 – Daily Routine … Harry & Lloyd walk me out of the yard every morning on my way to work… Cool Cats


Day 28 – Nighttime … Grandpa taking me on the go.. combining peas.. harvest


Day 29 – Light … Early Morning Starts.. Here Comes the Sun~


Day 30 – Selfie … Last flick of the challenge… Shadows.. Sunshine


Hope you had fun following the 30 day photo challenge… if you have Instagram go to #wildrosegypsy to see others photo’s who did the challenge with me! It was sooo much fun~!!~ I think we need to do it again, & get a few more people to join on it!! maybe through the winter seasons… What do you think!?

Hope you all have a FUN, SAFE Long Weekend… & as for you Farm Kids… Work Hard & Help make this harvest Smooooth As Silk!

Happy Friday!

Luv Ya… WRG


Day 16 – 20 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge

Good Morning!! It has been absolutely gorgeous out here this last week, & harvest is fast approaching!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend… & have a beautifully fun week this week!!

Here are the pictures I had taken for Days 16 through 20 for the 30 day Photo Challenge!

16 – Animals – Here are our horses at the farm…


Day 17 – Memories

This was a candid shot my friends mom took of us riding in Mexico. Her mom knew a local from the few years they had been visiting this area, so we went out to see his place one morning. When we got there, he said “Saddles are here.. Horses are there… Ride a few miles that way until you see the ranch”. Then he & her mom took off in his van. My friend & I were not too fond of this considering we were planning on watching HIM ride.. (hence the shorts & flip flops) & we had to ride through “real” Mexico. On the “few” mile ride, on 2 year old Fillies… we got chased by a big ole dog, whistled at by a man with no legs.. chickens running wild.. dogs barking everywhere… No ranch in sight… we were a little nervous to say the least… & a lot happy to see the Ranch! It was by far one of my favorite memories!! & the scared excitement was fun too~!~

Day 18 – Something New – I have many many zucchini in my garden… I needed to decide what to do with them…. so I found a recipe on the wonderful Pinterest for canned “Italian Zucchini”. Cant wait to try them!!


Day 19 – Best Friend – I have two best friends…. 1) being my Brother, who has had my back from day one. Always the first person I would call be it “exciting news” or “troubled times”. Plus we have had more than our share of fun together!! 2) My Man T, who I count on everyday, who makes me a better person, who I share everything with. Love both these guys!!

429712_10151350660898284_832142147_n                                  IMG_2533[1]

Day 20 – Seasonal – Fall is fast approaching.. & with this heat the crops are turning. We will be in the field in no time. 😀


Have a GREAT Tuesday!!

Luv Ya… WRG

Day 13-15 30 Day Photo Challenge

Well I’m still stickin’ true to this challenge… but I must admit it is a very fun challenge! We just hit the 1/2 way point… so lots more pictures to come!!!

Day 13 – Written Words

Came home from our winter 2 week roadtrip to sticky notes littering my office… So glad they told me my name… Such good co-workers!


Day 14 – Movement

Always on the road… everyday driving something somewhere… felt the highway was fitting for me….


Day 15 – Technology

This little device has saved my ass more than a few times… 1+1=3… Right??


Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!! Remember to check out my new online store!!!


Luv Ya,… WRG

Photos 10-12 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge

Good Morning Everyone… Its Monday.. So lets make this one Awesome Week!!

Here are the pictures of the last 3 days….

Day 10 – Nature

I seen this pretty red dragonfly while I was trimming my peonies.


Day 11 – Something Old

A picture of a painting of a farmer from Denmark known by T’s family back in the good ole days! Loving the Horse Power! It hangs above our fire place.


Day 12 – Hands

Tanned Hands.. No Polish… All Natural.. Hide My Raccoon Eyes


Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week! The sun is shining so that’s a good sign!!

Luv Ya … WRG

Excited for Fall BOOTS!!!

Okay.. if your like me you absolutely LOVE boots!! I could buy boots every day all day… But luckily for me, my closet & T. I don’t But if I could I would! Here is a collaboration of nothing but fun boots… must haves for this fall.. I’m no fashion guru but I think I can handle this. Lets not wish summer away… but with all these cool damp mornings,  & the crops all turning shades of gold…I can’t help but think about Fall.

(All the pictures here are from Pinterest! I do not own or did not take pictures of these boots… Although I wish I did! Sighhh…..)

Boots With Prints

The cool breeze today reminded me of the Fall...starting to think of boots. How I love them!Southwestern Boots something different

I love these. The pattern just makes me love them even more :)

Boots with Fur 😉

Manitobah Mukluks Gatherer boots

Boots With Buckles

Sweet Studded Motorcycle Boots...

Brown boots with buckles

(Confession.. I have two pairs of these above.. they are completely wore out! But LOVE them. Bought them at Aldo)

Handmade distressed brown leather Destroyer tall boot with buckle detail, from Free People #womens_fashion #shoes

Rayna Wrap Boots by Free People :: (Super soft & supple) Leather wrap boot with buckle detailing on the side of either boot. Stacked wood heel. Rugged sole. ::

Cowboy BOOTS

Ladies Charcoal Black/Turquoise Eagle With Square Toe R2298


Cowboy Boots! These boot have a SILVER inlay...Perfect to wear with turquoise and silver jewelry! I love them! Corral® Ladies Distressed Black w/Winged Cross Silver Inlay Square Toe Western Boot


*NEW* Lucchese Since 1883 Pinecone Norwood Studded Angelina Ladies Horseman Cowgirl Boots M5805    Desperately want these boots!!


Old Gringo Women's Jasmine Boot - Chocolate

(Old Gringo)

DIY Boots.. (Has anyone tried making these!? If so I want to see!!)

diy lace embellished boots by: I Have a Deer!


DIY Boho Belted Boots


Lastly,,.. if you haven’t heard about this chick yet,, then now is the time! She paints Boots… Yup you heard me right! & She does one hell of a job!!! Head over to facebook & LIKE her @ HDWEST. She paints all sorts of cool leather cuffs too!


YAY for BOOTS!!!!

Luv Ya.. WRG

Day 7 – 9 Photo Challenge

Here are the next 3 photos of the challenge.. Hope you enjoy them!

Day 7 – Something Funny


My mom bought this ceramic pig for T & I when we no longer had “Clark” our real pig. He know sits next to our fire place. Isn’t he funny!? hehe Thanks Mom!

Day 8 – Favorite Colour


I enjoy a lot of colours…. but as of right now Yellow has been sticking with me! Throughout the day yesterday I was trying to find the perfect item that was yellow. Then on my way home from work, the last mile & a half stretch has ditches lined with pretty yellow wild sunflowers!! They are beautiful!

Day 9 – Someone Inspiring


This one was easy, as T inspires me everyday. He is ALWAYS smiling & happy. He works very hard. He never gives up. & this guy knows how to have fun!! He isn’t scared of anything… be it cliff jumping, dirt biking, skiing, back flipping, water skiing, etc. Plus he will hate me for talking him up… as he is quite modest. He pushes me to be a better person, to work harder, to enjoy every day, to smile more & to do the happy dance even if its raining. Love you Long Time T!

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for the next 3 photos! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!

Luv Ya… WRG

Whats In My Cupboard – Hair By Heer

“Whats in my cupboard?” you ask! Well here are my five fave hair products! these guys I just cant live with out!!!
Whether I’m wearing my hair sleek and neat or beachy and easy I use these 5 things almost everyday!
1. Moroccaan oil Treatment- I apply this first into wet hair, and after into dry hair. I use it as a leave in conditioner, aids to combing through wet hair and polishing dry hair adding shine!!!
2. Redken Outshine- next I run this thru my wet hair. If I’m going for a beachy air dry wave, I scrunch it in. If I’m going for sleek straight I smooth it in. Sometimes I mix the Moroccan oil and the outshine together in my hands then apply!
3&4. Osis refresh dust and/or osis dust it- After I’ve blown my hair dry for a smooth tidy look I apply dust it to my roots and backcomb, this stuff works wonders for mega volume!!! or if I let it air dry for a natural beachy look I spray some of the refresh dust on the ends and scrunch, also add some to the roots for a slighter softer version of volume compared to the dust it.
5.Chi magnified Volume finishing spray- Spray this delicious smelling goodness all over your finished product and Ta Da!
Thanks for the tips Hair By Heer!!! (Be Sure To Like Her on Facebook @ HairbyHeer)
Luv Ya… WRG

Help Us Reach 200 Likes!

Help Us Reach 200 Likes!

Goooooood Moooorning All you Beautiful Faces!!
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Turquoise 2x Leather Wrap $35You Cannot Go Wrong With This Beauty!! $45LongHorn Turquoise Coral Cuff $45

Coral 5x Wrap Leather Bracelet

What Do you think!?!?

Oh & one last thing…. we are now shipping to the US of A!!~!!~!

Happy Thursday All!!

Luv Ya… WRG



A Fun Before & After Picture of my Flowers

So I was never known to have a green thumb… I actually never had much for patience when it came to gardening at all. I loved the garden & encouraged my mom to have one.. but when it came time to helping her I was never very excited about it. Now with our new place.. & taking on the role of gardening on my own.. working through some trial & errors to see what grows best where.. I am super excited about it all!

Here is my flower bed early this year..


& Here is is Now… So Full & Colourful! I know petunias are a very hardy flower… But I am still impressed on how the flourished this year.


So Fun!!! Love your Summer!!!

Luv Ya…WRG

Day 2 – 6 Photo Challenge

Good Morning Everyone~!!~

So I have to apologize… I was keeping up with the 30 Day Photo Challenge.. I just wasn’t posting them as I was out of the service area for a few days. Here are the pictures I took to keep you up-to-date~!!~

Day 2  – Smile


Day 3 – Happiness


Day 4 – Leaves (the only thing close to leaves where I was at..)


Day 5 – Morning Sky


Day 6 – Books


Watch later today for Day 7 – Something Funny~!!~

Hope you all enjoyed a nice long weekend… Happy Hump Day.. Almost made it through yet another week.

Enjoy Everyday!

Luv Ya… WRG