Summer Days!

Hi!!!! Its summer time!! Hence why I haven’t been writing to you all… Its been gorgeous outside… & the last 10 days was the CALGARY STAMPEDE! So when we did have some spare time to be inside.. I was not thinking about going on the computer… it was the rodeo that got turned on. Here is a shout out to everyone that competed in the Calgary Stampede this year… I must say from what I seen all these athletes & animals were giving it 110% 200% of the time!! Be it Hell or High Water… Back injuries, knee injuries, getting stepped on kicked in the head or trampled… Everyone showed how “Cowboy” they are.. & that they deserved to be there! It was great watching!! Thanks to you all!!

Troy & I have been busy whipping the yard into shape, house into shape & packing up our sweet little trailer for a week long vacation in good ole MONTANA~! I don’t know too many Albertans that don’t enjoy a nice trip down there.I mean who doesn’t love Cheap Beer & Cigarettes & shotguns….. am I right?!?! haha

Coors Original (Golden Colorado)

Be it summer time… hitting up a gorgeous lake called Koocanusa. Where you can ski, board, surf all day long! Or head to Whitefish for some unreal PoWDeR in the winter… Or if you just want good scenery… relaxation.. shopping.. this is a great place to travel to! Maybe it’s because the people & the land down in Montana is very similar to ours.. this could be why Albertan’s feel the connection they do. Either way.. I am more than excited to flee this office… & get the heck out of dodge!

Amazing Snaps: Glacier National Park – Montana

T & I have spent a lot of our relationship so far on roadtrips… When we first got together we took his ’88 GMC pick up truck with his camper on a 5 hour trek! No A/C & +30 weather can be tough… but we had a blast!! We did the same trek the next summer but upgraded to a 2008 GMC. A/C was nice… but I must say it just wasn’t the same as all the bouncing around, grabbing gears with the wind in our hair… like the year before.

T Skiing on Koocanusa 2011

& now this trek we will be taking my beauty 2009 GMC which will pull our cute little trailer down across the border! I cannot wait to make some memories with this little outfit…. & T passed along his camper to his little bro & his girlfriend!! I know they already have some stories to go along with it!!

With being on the road a lot… a lot of our pictures happen on the road..

Coming home from sledding in Fernie
Going quadding at Easter
Cold Winter Night on the Road

Isn’t it funny how you can grow so attached to materials.. like for example your favorite rusted out pick up truck… or your 1st camper that you bought off the neighbor for $500! I find growing up you should go through the 1st, buy something that will suit you perfect but isn’t perfect. This is how you develop all your stories!!! I mean if T & I were in a new camper… I wouldn’t have pulled off the wood molding while trying to shimmy myself out of the camper in the cab of the truck.. when the main door wouldn’t open for me. Or we wouldn’t laugh about completely blowing the muffler apart while driving down the road… pretty sure Troy thought someone shot his truck it was so damn load!! haha

What are some of your favorite roadtrip memories… OR some of your favorite memories in that favorite truck or car of yours. I still wish I had my car that I had when I was 16. It was by far my most favorite vehicle… not sure if it was the car… or how many memories my friends & I had in it!!

Happy Summer All!!! I won’t be writing a lot the next little while… but I will try my best!

Get ooutside& play!!! We only have so long before the cold weather starts to come once again! 😉

Luv Ya… WRG


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