Garden UpDate

WOW! What a weekend!! Not only did we celebrate T’s Gran’s 85th Bday, Help my Gramma get her basement cleaned out as she was affected by the Flood in High River. But we also celebrated Canada’s Bday on Monday… & T & I’s 2nd year Anniversary!!

T & I stuck to our tradition, & we took the canoes down the creek just as we did our first  day of being a couple! It was blistering hot, but luckily being on the water & getting the odd breeze made for a comfortable, fun  ride!!

After all the crazy events of the weekend we got somewhat settled at home. I decided to go out to check on my garden & this is what I found! Not sure what is in my soil out here, but it sure knows how to grow things BIG!

My first Radish (weird seeing last year they didn’t even grow!)

It’s sitting next to a nectarine! The best part was when I cut it open it was absolutely perfect.. not woody at all!

I also decided to pick an onion I seen.

Thought I would throw my hand in there for a scale. Plus the greens were twice as long, but I had to give it a quick trim! You can also see another radish I had picked…

I am now sooooo excited to see how my potatoes look… & my pumpkins too! (D your going down in the pumpkin growing contest!)

I will post a picture tomorrow of my whole garden. I cannot beleive how big everything is growing. It was a late starter, but with all the moisture in the ground & now this heat, things have really sprouted.

The worst thing however is right now I can’t sit & enjoy my garden. The mosquitoes are so unbearable I work as fast as possible to get in & out of that area as fast as possible! I should have practiced what I preached & planted some marigolds & lemon grass in there to keep them away.

Thought I would share with you a few other pictures that I took over the weekend.

Gramma’s Place in High River

1) Her basement as we were ripping everything out

2) Her front lawn

3) My beautiful cousin can’t believe her eyes… Something you had to see to beleive

4) Daddio taking a break after a hard days work

It was great having all the help. Now the basement is drying & her lawn is all cleaned up. It will make G’ma feel a little better when she drives by now not seeing a total disaster. It was quite devastating, but it was such a good feeling seeing everyone down there working so hard together & keeping positive.

Here are the Anniversary Flowers T got me… I felt pretty special! They are just Gorgeous!!

After a long weekend with family & friends. Floating our beautiful creek. Getting treated like family @ the local Saloon. Seeing Fire Flies for the First time in the grass. Singing around the Campfire. Watching Lightening light up the sky. Just proved to me once again that I am pretty damn lucky to be living where  I do with the best people ever~!!~

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! What did you get up too!?

Luv Ya… WRG


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