A Beautiful Messy App ;)

Hi All my WildRose Gypsy Fans!! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Tuesday! I must say it was a little “nippley” here in good ole Alberta this morning. But my little mini tomatoes that are coming still looked okay.. & my flowers weren’t all limped over! Thank the Lord! I have been putting so much TLC into those little gaffers, I would just be heart broken if they didn’t last all summer. Lets hope I don’t smother them with too much love.. Then again too much love can’t be a bad thing right!? I will be posting some pictures of my garden & flowers shortly! My Iris’s I had planted as a border last year are absolutely HUGE, & they completely over took the little half dead ones I had planted between them this spring.. another Thank The Lord!

But I do have one non-Thank The Lord story… A bat had fallen out of the sky & landed face first on our little sidewalk in front of the house yesterday. I didn’t actually see him fall out of the sky but I can only assume something like this happened. Unfortunately little Batty didn’t survive. Its too bad because he could have easily lived off the amount of mosquitoes I have in my little garden patch alone. I’m not a fan of these little creatures, however they do serve a great purpose & they generally seem to leave you alone. RIP Lil’ BatMan

Anyway… On to the real reason I am writing to you all today… its about A Beautiful Mess’s new App you can buy for your smart phone! *click on the images to get sent to their page about the app*

A Beautiful Mess App
A Beautiful Mess App / http://www.abeautifulmess.com/

Its called “A Beautiful Mess” & its a super cute photo edit app.

A Beautiful Messy App ;)
My Creation!

Upload your favorite picture & add captions, symbols, filters & borders!!


They have different backgrounds as well that you can write on, sketch (sorta) on, etc. Its a lot of fun & creative & CUTE!

My Creation 2!

I made my cute Blog header on their app~& I know you all LoVe it!! 😉 Get it now for 0.99$!!

WildRose Gypsy Blog Header

Also Make sure to check out their website! http://www.abeautifulmess.com/ Honestly these girls ROCK! They look like they have soo much fun, & its constantly a fun fresh feel! Don’t miss out on them!

Thanks Elsie & Emma!~!

Luv Ya… WRG


One thought on “A Beautiful Messy App ;)

  1. love this post and abm! they totally have inspired my own blog (coming from canada). 🙂

    you should check me out/follow hello scarlett since i will have many posts on fashion and diy.

    take care!

    ~ e ~


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