Through Hell Or High Water…

Hi Gypsy Folks,

I have to apologize for not having posted anything in quite some time. Between my day job, our work at home, & just plain life, I haven’t taken the time to write to you all. Please forgive me.

First & foremost lets get straight to the title of this blog… “Through Hell or High Water..” our communities in Southern Alberta have been literally pushing through Hell or High Water.

Last week Alberta seen one of the largest Natural Disasters in Canada. FLOODING! Starting off in Canmore, Banff, Calgary, High River, Okotoks, Longview, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Drumheller, & many small communities & farms in between. With all the snow we got throughout the 6 months of winter.. to the continuous rainfall that had occurred late this spring, something was going to break at some point. Little did we all know it would be such a devastation!

Words gather interest…. pictures hit home. When I heard Calgary was flooding (the major city center for millions of people) I knew it was going to be bad… but I didn’t realize how bad until I saw pictures!

I believe this is a home in Canmore..
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Here is a picture of where the flood affected the Trans Canada Highway near Canmore.

TransCanada Highway near Canmroe
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Pictured is the Calgary Stampede Grounds. Home to the “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth”

The Calgary Stampede will be going on. People are working hard to get these grounds whipped back in shape. The Stampede brings more of Calgary together in 10 days than one can imagine! It shows off the flare & spirit Calgarians have! Its an uplifting event, showing where Calgary has came from, & helping us to stick to our roots! This event has been traced back to 1886, but in 1912 it was labelled as the Calgary Stampede by Guy Weadick.

Program for 1912 Calgary Exhibition and Stampe...
Program for 1912 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, front cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think its amazing that they are working hard to keep the spirit of the city alive! Much like life… The Show Must Go On!

Here is a picture of inside the Calgary Saddledome where the Calgary Flames play!

Calgary Saddledome
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High River took one of the biggest hits! The whole town was nearly underwater.

Town of High River

In true farm town fashion people were being evacuated from their homes from tractors to combines.

Photo Credit:
Downtown High River

Now that the water has receded, people are getting down & dirty! Volunteers are coming out from all over the province, with their rubber boots, face masks & a kick a$$ attitude. Helping their family & friends, their neighbors, co-workers, & strangers to get their life back into gear. To push through the hard times, to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel, & to show them they are not alone.

The Alberta spirit could not be any stronger. It makes me proud to be an Albertan!

Tomorrow night the Calgary Stampeders will be kicking off the season against the BC Lions at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, AB. I feel this is something the city could use right now. A few hours to clear their heads, rest their bodies & a quick escape from reality. The Stamps will be working hard to make you PROUD Calgary & surrounding areas! The flood may bring everyone together in the bad times… but the Stamps bring everyone together for the good times! & I know everyone could use a little GooD times right now.

 GO Stamps GO!!!

I am going to keep this short & sweet seeing it has been plastered all over the news for a good week now. I cannot begin to imagine what everyone is going through at times like these. But I am thankful that we live where we do, that we have that sense of community no matter how big the city may be, & that we aren’t scared to work hard & stand strong for one another.

A Huge shout out to all the volunteers donating time, effort, homes, vehicles, food, money, clothes, etc! Thank You!!!

Also I want to send a MASSIVE hug to all the families out there that have lost their homes. Please stay positive, things will get better & people are behind you & ready to get to work! 🙂

With the old west attitude that Alberta has, there is nothing that can get in their way…

Be it Hell Or High Water!

Stay Safe.. Stay Positive.. Stay Strong Alberta!

Luv Ya… WRG


Song Of The Week – Blake Shelton – Boys ‘Round Here

Hi Friends!!

Here is our song of the week!!! Blake Shelton’s hit “Boys ‘Round Here”!! I am not sure where you are from, but around my parts this song is quite fitting!!!

Hope All Is Well! & That everyone is staying dry!

Wicked Storm Clouds Last Night

Wicked Storm Clouds Last Night
Cotton Candy Clouds

Last night we had a pretty wild storm roll through Southern Alberta. I took a few shots of the sky from where I stood on the dusty ground. (The storm didn’t hit us). But it did hit not 15 minutes from us. Large Hail, Funnel Clouds, Crashing Thunder & Bright Lightening!!

Click on the image below to  get a better look:

T watching the Sky Can you see the little Moon..?
T watching the Sky
Can you see the little Moon..?

It was quite something for us Northern folks, but I know it doesn’t compare to what has hit down South in the United States.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! We are calling for yet another storm tonight… Hope all stay safe & no damage occurs!

Luv Ya … WRG

DIY T-Shirt Headband

Happy Monday! This morning I went out to get my garden weeded. Before I went outside I threw my hair up & went to grab a headband. I didn’t want to use one of my nice ones to get dirty…& I seemed to have misplaced my work one..(sometimes I wonder if I would lose my head of it wasn’t attached!).

Anyway I had just cut up an old t-shirt so I grabbed the old sleeve left in the scrap pile.
I first cut off the cuff edge. I then cut from the “top” of the sleeve & slightly angled down to the bottom of the sleeve. & then I threw it around my head & wahhhlaaaa!! That’s it! It is honestly one of the comfiest headbands you could wear. Give it a try with your old T-shirt scraps!!

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Banana Bread by Hair By Heer

So our beautiful lady over at Hair by Heer decided to share with me her favorite banana bread recipe!! I haven’t had a chance to whip us up a batch, but by looking at the picture she sent me, along with the ingredients how could this possibly not be incredibly delicious!!!

The Best Banana Bread - Hair By Heer
The Best Banana Bread – Hair By Heer

Hair by Heer – I love banana bread!!!! I’ve only tried about 3 different recipes, all of which have turned out great, but there is something about this one I’ve been making lately that just takes the cake! Maybe it’s the super moist inside, maybe it’s the slight crunch of the crust? I don’t know, but I looooove it and thought everyone needs to taste what I’m talking about:)
Original recipe out of- Taste of Home “The Best of Country Cooking” 2010 editon, submitted by Emily Gedenberg
I’ve altered the recipe as hers yields 2 to 1 and switched the vanilla instant pudding for pistachio because that’s what I had on hand(equally as good, but makes it green prior to cooking haha)

The Best Banana Bread

1 1/4c flour
3/4c sugar
1pack vanilla instant pudding
1tsp baking soda
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp cinnamon
2 eggs
2 ripe mash bananas
1tsp vanilla
Handful of nuts(I used chopped walnuts)

-Mix first 6 ingredients together
-In separate bowl mix remaining Ingredients(minus the nuts). Combine the 2. Pour into greased  8×4 inch loaf pan. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and bake at 350 for 1hour

Thanks for the recipe Hair by Heer!!! Hope you all enjoy your day!

Luv Ya… WRG

A Beautiful Messy App ;)

Hi All my WildRose Gypsy Fans!! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Tuesday! I must say it was a little “nippley” here in good ole Alberta this morning. But my little mini tomatoes that are coming still looked okay.. & my flowers weren’t all limped over! Thank the Lord! I have been putting so much TLC into those little gaffers, I would just be heart broken if they didn’t last all summer. Lets hope I don’t smother them with too much love.. Then again too much love can’t be a bad thing right!? I will be posting some pictures of my garden & flowers shortly! My Iris’s I had planted as a border last year are absolutely HUGE, & they completely over took the little half dead ones I had planted between them this spring.. another Thank The Lord!

But I do have one non-Thank The Lord story… A bat had fallen out of the sky & landed face first on our little sidewalk in front of the house yesterday. I didn’t actually see him fall out of the sky but I can only assume something like this happened. Unfortunately little Batty didn’t survive. Its too bad because he could have easily lived off the amount of mosquitoes I have in my little garden patch alone. I’m not a fan of these little creatures, however they do serve a great purpose & they generally seem to leave you alone. RIP Lil’ BatMan

Anyway… On to the real reason I am writing to you all today… its about A Beautiful Mess’s new App you can buy for your smart phone! *click on the images to get sent to their page about the app*

A Beautiful Mess App
A Beautiful Mess App /

Its called “A Beautiful Mess” & its a super cute photo edit app.

A Beautiful Messy App ;)
My Creation!

Upload your favorite picture & add captions, symbols, filters & borders!!


They have different backgrounds as well that you can write on, sketch (sorta) on, etc. Its a lot of fun & creative & CUTE!

My Creation 2!

I made my cute Blog header on their app~& I know you all LoVe it!! 😉 Get it now for 0.99$!!

WildRose Gypsy Blog Header

Also Make sure to check out their website! Honestly these girls ROCK! They look like they have soo much fun, & its constantly a fun fresh feel! Don’t miss out on them!

Thanks Elsie & Emma!~!

Luv Ya… WRG

Don’t Bring Me Down – ELO

Okay my Wild & Free Gypsy Friends… Lets keep things light & fun today with our song of the week! I apologize as I have been slacking this last week… I am very sorry, things have been very busy with work & at home so I haven’t had any time to sit down & write for you all!
It is that time of the year.. Summer Time, Ball Tournaments, Camping, Lake Time, etc, etc along with numerous amounts of yard work, gardening, & then last but not least your house work. I swear my house has never been so left on the back burner as it has the last few days! eeeeek! Thankfully, T has been helping me out with that side of things as well.
Many hands make light work~!!~ 😉 Thanks T! Love Ya!

So crank up this tune…. dance around in your office, your kitchen, your bedroom or your car~!~ Where ever you may be… (please be careful if you are in your car… not wanting to promote distracted driving now!)

Hope you all have a fabulous end to your week!!!

“Dont bring me dowwwwnnnnnn….”

Luv Ya… WRG

My East Side Flowers



Check out my beautiful East Side flowers. This area along our garage does not get a whole lot of sunshine. It get a little morning sun, which is half blocked by the massive spruce trees, then once the sun hits noon it is shady time for these guys.

Aren’t they just gorgeous!? They should get big enough to all grow in together for a hedge of color & beauty!


Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Luv Ya… WRG

Want Victoria Secret Model Hair..!?

We all love those beachy waves seen on Victoria’s Secret models right?!

Well guess what, they don’t do their own hair, a stylist spends many hours I’m sure perfecting that natural soft curl look! So this is how I get the similar look-
I use my 1inch cone iron, curl thick sections then brush it all out with a paddle brush!

Gorgeous Soft Beach Waves~!~


I know this look will come in handy this summer!! Thanks Hair by Heer for yet another wonderful post!!!

What do you all think…!?

Luv Ya… WRG