Peaceful, Easy Coulee Driving

Living where I live… I can’t help but feel grateful everyday. I get to drive down into a coulee & follow a creek to work. I get a big smile & wave from the cute old couple who I pass every morning while they are out for their routine walk… rain or shine.

Little bush bunnies are ripping around in the ditches… the pheasant stands tall & proud at the same bend, (which reminds me I really need to snap a pic of him!), while the robins are sooo happy dancing around finding fresh bugs for breakfast…. & the crocus’s & buffalo beans shine bright full of colour after last nights rain.

Instead of smoke stacks & car exhaust, I get to breath in the fresh sent of fresh green grass & wild flowers. Instead of sitting in traffic, I sit & wait for the ducks to cross the road. Instead of listening to horns honk, I listen to geese honk & the creek running. It has to be the best drive to work there possible could be!

After an Over Night Rain…

 With tourist season among us, I now often have to stop, to let them take their pictures. But I don’t blame them one bit… Heck I drive this road day in & day out.. & I still stop to get the perfect picture!

Peaceful Easy Living

I wish you all could have a drive like this bright & early in the morning…. but I’m sorry to say it wouldn’t be the same with you all following me. Its nice to arrive to work stress free & relaxed!

The best part is, (especially after this rain we have been getting the last couple days), I get to go back to my “redneck” roots on the way home! With a big, slippery hill to climb, I crank the country tunes, throw the truck in 4Wheel Drive… & Let loose~!~ 😉

Drive Home…DANGER

Thank Heavens… we live where we live! Never take your country for granted… Be sure to look around, & appreciate all you have. Be it the tiny wild roses growing in the ditches, to the gravel on the road… or whatever it may be in the area you live.

Please share your beautiful country with me… or your beautiful view… or your beautiful drive to work….

Have a Great Wednesday… you’ve made it half way through the work week!! & if you are in my area.. Enjoy the peaceful pitter patter of the rain on your roof..

Luv Ya… WRG


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