Song Of The Week – Jason Aldean “The Only Way I Know” Feat. Luke Bryan & Eric Church

I picked this to be the song of the week because I know everyone is recovering from a long hard seeding season! Everything got put on hold as the farmers in our area worked sun up to sun day for 2-3 weeks straight to get their crops in the ground! I have great appreciate for all my friends & family working their a$$’s off to get the crop in, pushing through those times when all you wanted was 1 minute of down time.

So here’s to all you farming Men & Women!!
& not to forget the little ones sleeping next to their dad in the tractor, or helping mama pack the truck while she ran out dinners & parts. You little gaffers are going to be tough little farmers too one day!

It’s not easy for new dads to be gone all day long, working in the field. Seeing their little ones for a few minutes here & there. I always remember my mom telling me that when I was just a few months old, my best naps were when dad would take me for a couple hours in the swather. Even though I wasn’t much company being full of milk & passed out. It was the only time he got to spend with me during the busy times like seeding & harvest. & its not easy for the mom’s either… its hard enough packing supper out to the field never mind packing up a kid or two at the same time, or looking after the kids while making the dinners on her own, & don’t forget about the yard work..!

So to all of you young farming families, that survived this whirl wind season… You ROCK! Seriously.. I am taking down pointers from you all 😉

It takes the whole family to get the crop in the ground!

With this being said, I felt this song was appropriate for you all.

Now with this rain, I am sure all your crops will be growing like crazy!

Luv Ya… WRG


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