Lets Get That Heart A Pumping..! Don’t be Scared! ;)

I often get held back because I get scared! I over think, I over analyze & I worry. I used to get nervous but that never really stopped me from doing something that I wanted to do. But now that I am getting a little older (possibly wiser.. but also lame) I find myself to be more of a chicken S!@# then ever… This year I am trying to focus on that & overcome.

We were watching a documentary on Sarah Burke & Rory Bushfield, & Sarah Burke says “Do something that scares you everyday… It’s important to get your heart pumping!” (For those of you who don’t know Sarah & Rory, Sarah was one of the top female athletes in Canada… even the world & Rory is her amazing adrenaline junkie Husband. She was a huge role model to girls everywhere, paving the way of freestyle skiing for women. She passed away in January of last year doing a routine trick in the half pipe. She forever lives on in many heart & souls… & she continues to have a huge impact on the sport! She worked hard & pushed for what she believed in & with that the Super Pipe Skiing Competition has been added to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi for the first time. Check out the Sarah Burke Foundation @ http://www.sarahburkefoundation.com.)


Anyway, with this being said I realized I had to get my little hinny in gear & get back out there doing the things I love to do….

After rolling a quad 1.5 years ago while riding in the coulee.. & having it miss me but land up right with my head pinned underneath was very lucky, but VERY scary! Since that moment on, I have been a scaredy cat…I have lost confidence in my ability & have stopped trusting myself… But that is all going to change…

This last weekend I got my butt in gear I was going to do two things that I hadn’t done in awhile! 1) Ride my Horse & 2) Ride the Dirtbike

I hadn’t been on my horse in over a year (because of the dirtbike injury… as you may see I have a trend.. I crash things! Hmmm wonder why I am scared!?!? ;)) so I thought of good ole John Wayne & his GREAT advice “Having Courage is Being Scared to Death… But Saddling Up Anyway!”

Not saying I am scared to death to get on my horse… he is a wicked gelding.. but I was still nervous.. I have to admit! But I got on… & I am excited to get back to riding him this summer. I mean look at us a few years back.. Confident & Having Fun! (I am no barrel racer by any means.. but hell I was trying something new!)

turbo (1)

When I say do something that “Scares” you or gets the heart pumping… I don’t mean you have to go put your life in danger. Although there are risks involved in everything, you just have to be smart about things.. have confidence, think about what your going to do & when you do go for that first barrel, or go to climb that hill on your dirt bike.. or try a backflip for the first time you better Damn Well Commit! Half of my crashes or injuries resulted because at the last second I get freaked out.. I brake.. I pull back & BANG CRASH BOOM.. Down I go! I may still crash, but at least if I held on tight & pushed through my chances of coming out on the other side would have been better! 😉

Like I said this is something I am working on… & luckily living with a guy like T, he tests me & pushes me everyday & puts a thought in my head that “Hell Yes I Can Do It!” followed by a “Shit I’m a Little Scared..” & a “T where are your long sleeves if your going to be jumping that bike!” (the one day mother coming out in me… eeeekkkk)

Number 2- Getting back on the dirt bike… Although I am still recovering from an injury the bike gave me (2 years ago) it was time to get back on..


After a couple stalls… I get back going… getting slightly faster as I gain my confidence back. I felt like such a tool! Last time I rode with T, I was flying down the road in 5th gear.. this time I was cruising around in 2nd. But once I got more comfortable & took my eyes off the uneven ground right in front of me, I notice T stopped.. videoing me.. Hoooping & Hollaring!! So apparently I didn’t look like the loser I was feeling like & having him being happier then ever that I’m working at getting back on the “horse” made my day! Oh & also realizing that after riding since T was 3 he too still falls… It was a minor fall.. but it happened to him. He gets back up brushes himself off.. laughing & looks over at me saying “See doesn’t matter how good of a rider you are!” I am very proud to say that this was the first time I had ever rode a dirt bike without biffing it… In other words.. I wasn’t riding hard enough…So my dad would say!

T & I Sledding in Fernie, BC

Whenever I would crash be it on the bikes, the snowmobile, the wakeboard, the skiis.. he would always say “If you don’t fall once in awhile… you aren’t trying hard enough.” I always thought this was great advice.. not only would it make you get over your discouraged feeling.. but it made you get back out there & try again.

So don’t be scared… don’t worry… play smart but have fun! Whats the point of worrying about things before they happen anyway.  Being scared to go down (for example) a black diamond run because you may crash is like saying “I don’t want to drive to the coffee shop in case I get hit..” What do you do? You get in your damn car & you drive there… right!? Or saying “I don’t want to go on a date with him.. what if he doesn’t like me.. or dumps me?!” Well he sure the hell isn’t going to get a chance to like you OR dump you if it never happens… so just do it & don’t look back! So don’t be scared….You never know if something is going to work until you do it, right~!?

Its one thing to preach… its another to practice… So I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Stay Positive… Stay Confident (But not Cocky)… Have Fun… Trust Yourself… & as Nike would say “Just Do It!” Cause your Awesome!

Just do it... #fittodo

Get your heart pumping everyday (in a good way)… Laugh, scream, Hoop & Hollar.

Whats something that gets your heart pumping!?

Don’t Be Afraid 😉 Luv Ya .. WRG


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