Braids to Waves – Hair by Heer

Sleeping in braids is one of the oldest tricks in the book, everyone knows its result etc. But it really is quick, easy, and a healthy hair alternative-no heat necessary! I shower a couple hours b4 I go to sleep, let it air dry a bit, then right before I crawl into bed for the night I put it into 4 basic braids. One on each side and 2 in the back. You don’t have to know how to French braid or anything, just a plain old braid, even my husband could do it;) (he’ll be embarrassed I mentioned him) anyway whip the 4 braids in, loose or tight(they will give loose or tight waves depending) go to sleep, wake up and voila!

HbH - Braids
click to enlarge
Hbh Braids After
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You can just leave it as is, or you can take your flat iron to the roots and make a little kink to help blend into the waves below, as well as adding volume. Just take your iron and bend your wrist to create a kink. Give it a few squirts of hairspray and mess it up a bit, or you could add a headband to fancy it up a little. This really is the easiest hairdo ever!

hbh-braids after2
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Love this trick… Hair By Heer


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