Farm Gal Hair

Right now.. in the dusty dirty field, running around in trucks with no air conditioning, you melt in the sun, with freckles of dirt covering you, a glow to your cheeks, & your hair is not only tied in knots 3 times over, but its sticking to the left, right, straight up & sideways!

Yet you still get that smile from your guy when he looks over at you & you recieve one of two comments… :

1) “Ha.. Honey you look shit…”


2) “Your Beautiful”

Both are compliments by this time, as you know he appreciates & loves it when your willing to work hard & get dirty!

I thought I would throw together a few collections of hairdo’s that may stand a chance in that dusty wind, rain, & heat.

1) The Top Knot Bun (something I am still trying to master with my shoulder length hair)

Credit :

I like this one.. because I can do it~! Simple easy, out of your face & cute! I would secure it with a few extra bobby pins… Especially if your planning on training that wild bronc in the round pen!

Then I had to post this ladies tutorial too from… She looks like a fun gal!!! Love her Bun!


Next…I need the braid underneath to hold all them free flying strands!

upside down french braid into top knot

Check Out Her YouTube Video Tutorial:

2) Side Braid

yeah, this is basically me, throw a side braid in, a sweatshirt on, some shades and call it good.

If you keep it tight enough most of your pieces shouldn’t fall free.. plus you can throw a cap on over it & call it good!

Credit Given To Whom It May Concern…. Thanks for the Perfect Picture for my Blog!

Another Side Braid

not so into the bird, but that's a fierce braid!

The HeadBand (Love & Use VERY Often)

I LOVE Three Bird Nests Headbands! I own a few!

Alicia & her girls provide the BEST Customer Service too!


Lastly the classic never fail ponytail!


& Yes when in doubt just throw on your favorite worn out & wicked ball cap & call it good! I must say this is a favorite go to more then often… Plus protects the ole scalp from a sunburn on those real hot days!

Remember the messier the hair the more your in fashion & the harder you have worked! 😉

Hope this helps!

Luv Ya… WRG


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