Historical Patio Brews

Well you all made it to FRIDAY once again. This weekend we are supposed to reach High temperatures… you know what that means don’t you…? PATIO BEERS!!

Although, a lot of us will be slaving away in the fields trying to plant the barley for the beer some of you may be sipping on the patios.. we don’t mind as we will have time for patio beers once the job is done! So if you are in the need for wanting a gorgeous patio, with an unique view, a short history lesson & no cell phone service then I have the place for you!!

The Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, AB!

http://www.myspace.com Photo Credit: Willy Krueger

Wayne used to be an old coal mining town with a booming population of around 2500 people. As you approach the turn off for the The Last Chance Saloon.. you will see a sign welcoming you to Wayne saying Population: Then:2500 Now:27. It’s hard to believe that such a small area was thriving with 2500 hardworking souls!


The Rosedeer Hotel (which is where the bar is located) opened up in 1913. Since then the bar has been in full operation, & is a huge hit in the summer time for not only tourists but the locals as well.

Here are a few things you need to know about Wayne, AB & The Last Chance Saloon:

1) You take a narrow, very windy road in which you cross 11 bridges in a 6 km span. Yup 11 bridges! Oh & I should mention 11 ONE LANE ONLY bridges.


2) You are welcome to stay in the Rosedeer Hotel. You have limited rooms to choose from as the 3rd Floor is not open for guests. It has been known to be haunted… & still is if you talk to the bartender & his wife, nevermind a few other locals.

3) Although it is still classified as a Saloon… As of January 2012, they had decided to change it to a restaurant allowing minors to come in & join the experience. With this being said, the atmosphere has not changed & the owners still operate it as a saloon.

4) The walls are covered with antiques! Being I have been there a 100 times, there is always something I haven’t noticed… or a new piece to the collection that I had noticed.


5) There is a piano & guitar always open for use. If your real lucky the owner himself will get up & play you a classic tune or two!

Photo Credit : Wanderinghomebody.com

6) On the weekends they often have great local bands that won’t disappoint you!

7) There is a large patio backing the running creek, equipped with BBQ’s (that’s right, you cook your own steak :)), horseshoe pits, & picnic tables!

8) All your drinks are served in a Mason Jar


9) While waiting for your meal or visiting with friends over drinks, take a shot @ playing the shuffle board, or the pool table!

10) If you like pickled eggs this is the place to try them! Never mind they make a mean Caesar!!! (Damn… now I’m craving one!)

11) It’s a unique experience with a very friendly staff… The owner, Fred will be happy to tell you tails & history if you ask him. I mean he has been operating this place for 30 years!!

12) There is No Cell Service… but don’t worry there is a landline… so right when you think you escaped your busy life you will see Fred walking over to hand you the phone, “Its for you..” “Hi Mom… yup I’ll be there by 7 don’t worry..” Great! 😉

13) Fred’s wife looks after the kitchen & she does a FANTASTIC job! She makes homemade meat pies, they have great burgers… steak dinners.. classic pub appetizers & for dessert homemade pies, & ice cream! But remember the Grill Closes @ 8pm… However they do have a late night menu to choose from afterwards. They also are on the map for the 10 Best Alberta Motorcycle Rides & 10 Best Alberta Burgers this year!

14) Which reminds me… If your a Biker Dude or Dudette… This is a place for you. The Last Chance Saloon is known for attracting a few bikers here & there 😉

Photo Credit :flikr.com

15) Lastly… you can also camp here.. if your too scared to stay in the haunted hotel

This year is the Rosedeer Hotels 100th Anniversary!! How cool… To have had the same establishment & building there for the last 100 years. I suggest you do not miss it this summer & make it a mandatory stop if you are going to be hunting dinosaurs in the Drumheller Valley this year.

The Last Chance Saloon is located SE about 15-20 minutes outside of Drumheller… Just follow the signs.. & the bridges!

I believe they are open NOW until the end of October! Being soooo crazy busy in the summer… & having operated for 30 years.. the deserve the winters off I would say!!

Photo Credit: boomtownrail.com

Don’t miss this place… You will have a BLAST hanging out here.. everyone is beyond friendly..& they make you feel at home! Come out & Meet Fred & enjoy a seat on the patio this weekend.. in the sunshine… with a cold Mason Jar in your hand!

Luv Ya… WRG


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