Keepin’ Things Fun~!!~

In our techno world, I feel the art of letters has changed. Although an email from a friend still warms your heart… there is nothing better then receiving a hand written letter in the mail. Not only did this person take the time to write you a little jig, that made you smile… but they also paid the postage which seems to be climbing everyday! Now that’s a Pretty Special Friend!

With this being said, the other day T was shuffling through the mail… Gas Bill… Phone Bill.. Electric Bill… Credit Car Bill.. Insurance Bill… BILLS BILLS BILLS BILLS!! The only non-bill in the mail for us was our bank statements.. which just reminds us of all the bills being paid but on one sheet of paper! Eeeekkk! I know all of you have had this monthly!

So I started thinking… it would be so fun for T to see something other then a bill in the mail. So the next time I brought the mail home.. there was a little something else in there.

As I was making supper, he was again shuffling through the mail.. Bills.. Bills…Hmmm whats this?! He continues visiting with me as he opens it up… then there is silence. Yup.. I thought.. he found my secret letter.

That day at work I just wrote him a quick little note… with some free-bee coupons…

Did you notice that he has to include ME in these things!? 😉
Take Me Quadding Get Out Of Jail Free Card
Back Rub One Night of Your Choice TV Program
One Night Out His Choice One Day Of the Weekend Of all What HE Wants To Do

They may not seem like much… but they will when he uses one so he can watch “Cool Tools” over my “New Girl” episode… (luckily he hasn’t pulled that card yet).

Whether he uses them or not… the point was to give him a surprise & something fun in the mail. There is nothing better then making someone Smile!!


You know how exciting it is to get something in the mail… so why not give that excitement to someone else too! Plus this is something fun to keep a little excitement & spark in your relationship… For example.. if he wants to take you on his quad.. you got to go! If he takes the quad over a jump or down the coulee.. you hold on & scream “YEEEEEHHAAAWWWWW!!!” & You Throw One Arm Up Waving in the Air…Like your Riding some Wild Bull… Actually No! Bad Idea… You HOLD The Hell On!!!

Because you know he is not going to want to hurt you… so trust him! (This is something I am working on… as I like to be the one in control.. I’m not the greatest passenger.) Take part in his crazy activities…Or your friends crazy activities… Or leave a little mock  “Gift Card” for a night out at your special persons restaurant.. or a free company on their walk in the park that they do every night (while you eat popcorn on the couch).

Or Just Send them a letter to remind them they are still a huge part of your life.. & that you are still that crazy person they love!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! It is beautiful here in Alberta… So I hope it is beautiful where ever you may be…! 🙂

Luv Ya… WRG


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