Pistol Annies – Annie Up

Pistol Annies - Annie Up
Pistol Annies

If you love Miranda Lambert… Ashley Monroe… or Angaleena Presley… Then you obviously LOVE the Pistol Annies!
These ladies came out with their new album today called “Annie Up”!

Being the fan I am I have had this album pre-ordered for well over a month now… So I FINALLY got to listen to it on the way to work this morning.

As usual… these ladies don’t disappoint. Its full of sass…fire…& love! They tell it how it is… their lyrics are fun & full of rhythm!


Don’t Talk About Him, Tina – Pistol Annies

You should all go out & buy their album! Its well worth every penny.

Congrats Gals on Another Success Album.. Making all us girls a little tougher, a little more stubborn.. & a little more fun & care-free~!!~ Sorry boys… but Watch Out!

Check them out….. http://www.pistolannies.com/


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