Sweet & Tangy Chicken Breast

 A good friend of mine sent me a Sweet & Tangy Russian Chicken recipe the other day. She said her men in the field absolutely loved it!! Soo…. the other day I had to give it a try.

I adapted the recipe slightly to fit with what I had to work with in my pantry! Even though it wasn’t exactly the same it was pretty damn close… & after T took one bit he was oooing & awwwing until it was all done!

He said “This is the tastiest chicken ever.. & cooked to perfection!” T is like my Gordon Ramsey if I were on Hell’s Kitchen.. I want him to be happy. The only difference is T doesn’t ever yell… & he loves absolutely everything I make. But that’s alright with me, seeing he is the only one I am cooking to impress 99.8% of the time!

Sweet & Tangy Chicken

Serves 4-6 


6 boneless Chicken Breast (Called for Chicken Thighs)

1 16 oz bottle Kraft Catalina Dressing (Called for Russian Dressing)

1 10 oz jar of Apricot Preserves (can also use peach)

1 packet Dry Onion Soup Mix

(of course I didn’t have this so I made my own 4 tps Beef Bouillon, 8 tsp dried onion flakes, 1 tsp onion powder, 1/4 tsp pepper (I used Montreal Steak Spice (Awesome!))

Cracked Pepper & Chipotle Chilli Pepper (called for a Cajun Rub)


1) Preheat Oven to 375F. Line baking dish with tin foil (optional, just less mess!)

2)Place the chicken breast in a baking dish. & apply pepper & Cajun seasonings rub.

3) In a bowl mix Catalina dressing, Apricot Preserves & onion Soup Mix. Mix well.

4) Pour half of the sauce over the chicken. Flip chicken to ensure both sides get covered. Pour other half of sauce on. Flip chicken back upright.

5) Back uncovered for 1hr 10min. (use your own discretion). Flip Chicken at 30 minutes. Flip back at next 30 min. Cook for 10 more minutes.

6) DONE! Take it out.. & serve it over hot white rice!

Sweet & Tangy Chicken Breast

This is soooo unbelievably tasty! Thank you sooo much Mrs.M for the recipe idea. It is will be a go to favorite that is for sure. This could also be a crock pot recipe! My favorite thing about it, was its a no fuss, no mess quick easy fun meal!

With the leftover chicken breasts, I shredded them & left them in the sauce. So tonight for supper we are having Chicken Tacos!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Luv Ya … WRG


Peaceful, Easy Coulee Driving

Living where I live… I can’t help but feel grateful everyday. I get to drive down into a coulee & follow a creek to work. I get a big smile & wave from the cute old couple who I pass every morning while they are out for their routine walk… rain or shine.

Little bush bunnies are ripping around in the ditches… the pheasant stands tall & proud at the same bend, (which reminds me I really need to snap a pic of him!), while the robins are sooo happy dancing around finding fresh bugs for breakfast…. & the crocus’s & buffalo beans shine bright full of colour after last nights rain.

Instead of smoke stacks & car exhaust, I get to breath in the fresh sent of fresh green grass & wild flowers. Instead of sitting in traffic, I sit & wait for the ducks to cross the road. Instead of listening to horns honk, I listen to geese honk & the creek running. It has to be the best drive to work there possible could be!

After an Over Night Rain…

 With tourist season among us, I now often have to stop, to let them take their pictures. But I don’t blame them one bit… Heck I drive this road day in & day out.. & I still stop to get the perfect picture!

Peaceful Easy Living

I wish you all could have a drive like this bright & early in the morning…. but I’m sorry to say it wouldn’t be the same with you all following me. Its nice to arrive to work stress free & relaxed!

The best part is, (especially after this rain we have been getting the last couple days), I get to go back to my “redneck” roots on the way home! With a big, slippery hill to climb, I crank the country tunes, throw the truck in 4Wheel Drive… & Let loose~!~ 😉

Drive Home…DANGER

Thank Heavens… we live where we live! Never take your country for granted… Be sure to look around, & appreciate all you have. Be it the tiny wild roses growing in the ditches, to the gravel on the road… or whatever it may be in the area you live.

Please share your beautiful country with me… or your beautiful view… or your beautiful drive to work….

Have a Great Wednesday… you’ve made it half way through the work week!! & if you are in my area.. Enjoy the peaceful pitter patter of the rain on your roof..

Luv Ya… WRG

Long Full Ponytail – Hair by Heer

I have long hair but I’m envious of those LONG full ponytails! Mine just doesn’t look like that! So thanks to Pinterest I’ve figured out how to fake it!

Make a half pony, then put a second pony under it! Brilliant!!

Beautiful Bouncy Ponytail
Beautiful Bouncy Ponytail

What do you think of this cute, & simple ponytail trick!?! I can’t wait to try it!!

Thanks Hair by Heer~ for another brilliant tip~!

Luv Ya … WRG

Song Of The Week – Jason Aldean “The Only Way I Know” Feat. Luke Bryan & Eric Church

I picked this to be the song of the week because I know everyone is recovering from a long hard seeding season! Everything got put on hold as the farmers in our area worked sun up to sun day for 2-3 weeks straight to get their crops in the ground! I have great appreciate for all my friends & family working their a$$’s off to get the crop in, pushing through those times when all you wanted was 1 minute of down time.

So here’s to all you farming Men & Women!!
& not to forget the little ones sleeping next to their dad in the tractor, or helping mama pack the truck while she ran out dinners & parts. You little gaffers are going to be tough little farmers too one day!

It’s not easy for new dads to be gone all day long, working in the field. Seeing their little ones for a few minutes here & there. I always remember my mom telling me that when I was just a few months old, my best naps were when dad would take me for a couple hours in the swather. Even though I wasn’t much company being full of milk & passed out. It was the only time he got to spend with me during the busy times like seeding & harvest. & its not easy for the mom’s either… its hard enough packing supper out to the field never mind packing up a kid or two at the same time, or looking after the kids while making the dinners on her own, & don’t forget about the yard work..!

So to all of you young farming families, that survived this whirl wind season… You ROCK! Seriously.. I am taking down pointers from you all 😉

It takes the whole family to get the crop in the ground!

With this being said, I felt this song was appropriate for you all.

Now with this rain, I am sure all your crops will be growing like crazy!

Luv Ya… WRG

Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf

I had a bunch of hamburger that  I have been wanting to use up… while I was thinking of what to do with it, I thought MEATLOAF! I have not had meatloaf in ages. I find meatloaf can either be incredibly delicious, or not so delicious, so I was a little worried about how to make mine. I searched a lot of different meatloaf recipes online, & jotted down notes on things I thought I would like to add… & the things that I did not want to add.

With my notes I came up with my own version, & I must say it was a hit!!

Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf 

Serves 4


1.5 lbs Ground Beef

1/2 cup Rolled Oats

1/4 Ketchup

1 Egg

1 small-medium Onion

1 cup cubed Cheese (give or take a few cubes, use as much or as little as you would like)

1 tbsp Oregano

1/2 tbsp Thyme

2-3 Garlic Cloves

1 tbsp Dijon Mustard (I used Horseradish Dijon..Yum!)

4-5 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

Sauce..aka Topping

1/2 tbps Dijon Mustard

1/4 cup Ketchup

2 tbps Brown Sugar



Preheat Oven to 375F. In a saucepan, saute’ your garlic & chopped onions in a dash of olive oil until soft & fragrant. Take off heat & let cool. While it is cooling, lightly whisk your egg in a separate bowl. Then pour it over the hamburger, toss in the oats, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire, oregano, & thyme. Mix in well with your hands… Get Messy!! Then add in the onions & garlic. Once it is all mixed in, add the cheese cubes & mix together again lightly. I tried to keep all the cheese in the middle of my hamburger ball.

Mixing Hamburger
Mixing Hamburger

Once it is all mixed in, take a cookie sheet & line it with parchment or tinfoil (think I’ll use tin foil next time). I sprayed a very light coat of Pam on the parchment paper. Then put your hamburger on the cookie sheet & form into a nice loaf. You could also make a couple smaller loaves if you wished. Once they are made, mix together in a small bowl the ketchup, mustard & brown sugar. Paint the sauce all over the top of the loaf!

Make Loaf & Paint On Sauce

Then lightly cover the loaf with another sheet of tinfoil & place in the middle of your oven. Cook for 30 minutes covered, then 20-30 minutes uncovered. You want the center of your meatloaf to read 160F if you have a meat thermometer. If not just use your judgement.

Once it is cooked. Let it cool slightly…. then cut & serve!

Finished Meatloaf
Finished Meatloaf

As you can see I still need some work on my food photography… & to be honest T presented his plate a lot better then I did trying, so I used his plate instead of mine for the pictures.

But presentation aside, it was sooo delicious & we loved it!! T gave it a big thumbs up!!

It was so moist, & cheesy. I paired it with ranch mashed potatoes & horseradish carrots (I will be posting the carrot recipe soon!)

Its a great meal on those cool, drizzly days.

Luv Ya… WRG

Lets Get That Heart A Pumping..! Don’t be Scared! ;)

I often get held back because I get scared! I over think, I over analyze & I worry. I used to get nervous but that never really stopped me from doing something that I wanted to do. But now that I am getting a little older (possibly wiser.. but also lame) I find myself to be more of a chicken S!@# then ever… This year I am trying to focus on that & overcome.

We were watching a documentary on Sarah Burke & Rory Bushfield, & Sarah Burke says “Do something that scares you everyday… It’s important to get your heart pumping!” (For those of you who don’t know Sarah & Rory, Sarah was one of the top female athletes in Canada… even the world & Rory is her amazing adrenaline junkie Husband. She was a huge role model to girls everywhere, paving the way of freestyle skiing for women. She passed away in January of last year doing a routine trick in the half pipe. She forever lives on in many heart & souls… & she continues to have a huge impact on the sport! She worked hard & pushed for what she believed in & with that the Super Pipe Skiing Competition has been added to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi for the first time. Check out the Sarah Burke Foundation @ http://www.sarahburkefoundation.com.)


Anyway, with this being said I realized I had to get my little hinny in gear & get back out there doing the things I love to do….

After rolling a quad 1.5 years ago while riding in the coulee.. & having it miss me but land up right with my head pinned underneath was very lucky, but VERY scary! Since that moment on, I have been a scaredy cat…I have lost confidence in my ability & have stopped trusting myself… But that is all going to change…

This last weekend I got my butt in gear I was going to do two things that I hadn’t done in awhile! 1) Ride my Horse & 2) Ride the Dirtbike

I hadn’t been on my horse in over a year (because of the dirtbike injury… as you may see I have a trend.. I crash things! Hmmm wonder why I am scared!?!? ;)) so I thought of good ole John Wayne & his GREAT advice “Having Courage is Being Scared to Death… But Saddling Up Anyway!”

Not saying I am scared to death to get on my horse… he is a wicked gelding.. but I was still nervous.. I have to admit! But I got on… & I am excited to get back to riding him this summer. I mean look at us a few years back.. Confident & Having Fun! (I am no barrel racer by any means.. but hell I was trying something new!)

turbo (1)

When I say do something that “Scares” you or gets the heart pumping… I don’t mean you have to go put your life in danger. Although there are risks involved in everything, you just have to be smart about things.. have confidence, think about what your going to do & when you do go for that first barrel, or go to climb that hill on your dirt bike.. or try a backflip for the first time you better Damn Well Commit! Half of my crashes or injuries resulted because at the last second I get freaked out.. I brake.. I pull back & BANG CRASH BOOM.. Down I go! I may still crash, but at least if I held on tight & pushed through my chances of coming out on the other side would have been better! 😉

Like I said this is something I am working on… & luckily living with a guy like T, he tests me & pushes me everyday & puts a thought in my head that “Hell Yes I Can Do It!” followed by a “Shit I’m a Little Scared..” & a “T where are your long sleeves if your going to be jumping that bike!” (the one day mother coming out in me… eeeekkkk)

Number 2- Getting back on the dirt bike… Although I am still recovering from an injury the bike gave me (2 years ago) it was time to get back on..


After a couple stalls… I get back going… getting slightly faster as I gain my confidence back. I felt like such a tool! Last time I rode with T, I was flying down the road in 5th gear.. this time I was cruising around in 2nd. But once I got more comfortable & took my eyes off the uneven ground right in front of me, I notice T stopped.. videoing me.. Hoooping & Hollaring!! So apparently I didn’t look like the loser I was feeling like & having him being happier then ever that I’m working at getting back on the “horse” made my day! Oh & also realizing that after riding since T was 3 he too still falls… It was a minor fall.. but it happened to him. He gets back up brushes himself off.. laughing & looks over at me saying “See doesn’t matter how good of a rider you are!” I am very proud to say that this was the first time I had ever rode a dirt bike without biffing it… In other words.. I wasn’t riding hard enough…So my dad would say!

T & I Sledding in Fernie, BC

Whenever I would crash be it on the bikes, the snowmobile, the wakeboard, the skiis.. he would always say “If you don’t fall once in awhile… you aren’t trying hard enough.” I always thought this was great advice.. not only would it make you get over your discouraged feeling.. but it made you get back out there & try again.

So don’t be scared… don’t worry… play smart but have fun! Whats the point of worrying about things before they happen anyway.  Being scared to go down (for example) a black diamond run because you may crash is like saying “I don’t want to drive to the coffee shop in case I get hit..” What do you do? You get in your damn car & you drive there… right!? Or saying “I don’t want to go on a date with him.. what if he doesn’t like me.. or dumps me?!” Well he sure the hell isn’t going to get a chance to like you OR dump you if it never happens… so just do it & don’t look back! So don’t be scared….You never know if something is going to work until you do it, right~!?

Its one thing to preach… its another to practice… So I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Stay Positive… Stay Confident (But not Cocky)… Have Fun… Trust Yourself… & as Nike would say “Just Do It!” Cause your Awesome!

Just do it... #fittodo

Get your heart pumping everyday (in a good way)… Laugh, scream, Hoop & Hollar.

Whats something that gets your heart pumping!?

Don’t Be Afraid 😉 Luv Ya .. WRG

Sweet & Spicy Salmon

Last night I wanted a quick delicious meal (as always), then I remembered I had a salmon in the freezer. There are a lot of different fun ways to make salmon, bake it, broil it, grill it.. etc!

I wanted to try something different as for a rub…. so I did a little searching on the ole Pinterest & this is what I came up with!

Sweet & Spicy Salmon

1 piece salmon

1tbsp. Brown Sugar

1/2 tbsp Paprika (or Smoked Paprika)

1/2 tbsp Onion Powder

1/2 tsp Garlic Powder

1/2 tsp Chilli Powder

1/2 tsp Salt & Pepper

a Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Directions: Preheat BROILER to 500 degrees. Lay your salmon on a non-stick cookie sheet, (I spray with Pam, just incase… hate the sticky mess!). In a small bowl mix together all dry ingredients. Once mixed sprinkle over the salmon & press the spices lightly into the salmon.

Broiled Salmon

Throw (not literally..!) salmon under the broiler (top rack) for 8-10 minutes. If you like your salmon to have a bit of a crunchy crust.. you will LOVE this recipe! It has the nicest look, giving you the crust with the middle being tender! This recipe would also work great on the grill… on those real hot days!

I paired my salmon with some Alfredo Rotini, corn & fresh garden salad!

Supper is Ready

It was summery, light & Ohhhh Sooo Tasty!

Happy Tuesday

Luv Ya… WRG

Braids to Waves – Hair by Heer

Sleeping in braids is one of the oldest tricks in the book, everyone knows its result etc. But it really is quick, easy, and a healthy hair alternative-no heat necessary! I shower a couple hours b4 I go to sleep, let it air dry a bit, then right before I crawl into bed for the night I put it into 4 basic braids. One on each side and 2 in the back. You don’t have to know how to French braid or anything, just a plain old braid, even my husband could do it;) (he’ll be embarrassed I mentioned him) anyway whip the 4 braids in, loose or tight(they will give loose or tight waves depending) go to sleep, wake up and voila!

HbH - Braids
click to enlarge
Hbh Braids After
click to enlarge


You can just leave it as is, or you can take your flat iron to the roots and make a little kink to help blend into the waves below, as well as adding volume. Just take your iron and bend your wrist to create a kink. Give it a few squirts of hairspray and mess it up a bit, or you could add a headband to fancy it up a little. This really is the easiest hairdo ever!

hbh-braids after2
click to enlarge

Love this trick… Hair By Heer

Hunk Of The Week – Jason Statham

Hunk Of The Week - Jason Statham

This weeks HUNK is 45yr old, English Bad Boy…Mister Jason Statham! This guy is easily the best bad boy out there… he is so damn cool… fearless & always plays such an intense mysterious character that has all the girls falling for him!

jason statham JS

js2 js3
You can catch him in films such as The Expendables, Blitz, The Hummingbird (coming out in June), Death Race, Crank, Safe & many many more!

Happy Friday Ladies 😉

Luv Ya… WRG

Epic RoadTrip

In February, T & I decided to go on a trip together. We started planning it in October, while we were deciding whether to attend our friends wedding in Jamaica or not….

Photo Credit: cruise-dude.com


Photo Credit: Kicking Horse Trail Cams *Thanks

After a lot of thought, we decided not to go & instead go on a two week ski vacation in our beautiful country of Canada!! T is a very avid skier, & I just love to watch him. He gets beyond excited, is sooo happy & I swear he can’t feel sore muscles as he can ski on forever!!! Meanwhile, I am parked half way on the hill, with a calf cramp, sweating, trying to catch my breath, while crushing a cold BudLight!!

Okay, okay I’m not that bad… but I am thankful I worked out the two months prior… my legs & bunged up knee held up like a champ. & T is way way more patient than me.. he waits.. gives me pointers & keeps pushing me to my limits all the time. Love him!

Anyway I suggest everyone do a trip like this. It was by far one of the best times of my life!! We spent two weeks on the road, skiing, eating, drinking, touring & meeting new people.

Here are our stats:

Drove: 3500 kms

Stayed At: 7 different places

Skied: 5 Resorts

Click To Enlarge 😉

I could write on forever about this trip… but I am going to keep it short & sweet & let you know of a few of our favorite places to stay, eat & ski along the way!

1) Ymir Hotel – small local hotel on your way to Nelson. They had a jam session at 5 o’clock while we were there & I must say these old timers knew how to play & sing! We loved it!

Ymir Hotel
Ymir Hotel
Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com
Inside the Ymir Hotel.. The Stage

 2) WhiteWater Ski Resort – This was my favorite hill! It was a blue bird day… lots of snow.. lots of backflipping by T! Plus they have an unreal cafeteria there… high class food!

T & I

3) Rossland, BC – Red Mountain Resort… we didn’t have the best snow, but this place is beyond unreal! It has the local feel, the easy going atmosphere & a wicked hill! So much to explore.. & they are working on putting in a chair to Grey Mountain (which right now is only operated by cat that you can catch for 10$ rides.. how cool eh?!)

Back Side of Granite Mountain.. Its called Paradise! That it was!

While staying here be sure to walk downtown (its cute!) & eat at a place called “The Garage”. Our meal there was sooooo delicious! Great portion sizes to for your price!

We also stayed at the Red Barn Lodge, its a super cozy bed & breakfast! Check them out: http://www3.telus.net/redbarnlodge/index.htm

4) Agassiz, BC – As we drove out of the mountains…. did fish hook corners up & down through the hills.. we suddenly popped out to humid, plus 10 degree GREEN weather. We couldn’t believe our eyes.. it was gorgeous!

Here in Agassiz we stayed at a micro farm bed & breakfast called Blackberry Lane. We were treated like royalty (so us small town farm kids thought). She had fresh baked cookies waiting for us. The hot tub was outside our room, & in the morning she served me peach crepes & T got a fresh egg omelette. We highly recommend staying here. Plus we felt at home with the barns full of cows & sheep.. and the smell of silage 😉

Blackberry Lane Agassiz, BC
Baby Lamb w/ Mama Lamb

4) Vancouver Aquarium – So Fun! Stanley Park was very green, & quiet… we even seen a raccoon exercising on the walking path. So all sorts are welcome.


Sea Cucumbers
Crazy Monkeys!

6) Whistler, BC – WOW!! Is all I can say. This place is unreal… The mountains are HUGE! I was completely speechless here. They had by far the best snow of our trip. There were people, kids, families, teens everywhere. It was sunshiney, warm, gorgeous!

Looking towards Blackcomb

Our favorite place here to hang out was the Dubh Linn Gate… Irish Pub. After skiing we stopped here for a beer. The band was already playing. So we decided to head back, shower & get our little butts back to this pub for the night! We had a blast.. the two men playing on stage were so talented & entertaining.. the place was packed!! Its a MUST to stop in here!

Dubh Linn Gate
Dubh Linn Gate

7) Victoria, BC – This place is so beautiful, relaxing.. just what we needed in the middle of our trip. We had everything planned up until this day… With the last week open to do as we wish.


After spending one night at this little bed & breakfast we woke up & booked one more night. They are located on a walking path, so for the two days we were in Victoria we never drove once. We walked all the way around the harbor to downtown & back! Which was a good idea considering how much we were eating & drinking!

Across The Harbor B&B
Photo Credit: http://www.eaglewingtours.com

When we got to Victoria, we just so happened to stumbled up TROOPER playing a free show along the Harbor.. which we followed with a super tasty seafood meal!

Along our path was a micro brewery called Spinnakers Brewpub. This was super handy seeing we loved it here. Great service, great atmosphere! They had delicious seafood chowder & poutine. & if you are a beer lover this place is for you!!! We were here 3 times in our two days… that should speak for itself! 😉

Spinnakers Brewpub
Photo Credit: http://www.expedia.ca

9) Revelstoke, BC… This town is new to the ski scene.. I believe the hill opened in December of 2007. It has grown to be very popular in the last 6 years! Definitely a great place to ski/board & they always seem to get a tonne of fresh Powder!!! Plus it is a very cool little town. We went to “The Last Drop” for wings & pints of beer with some of the local ski “bums” that we knew. There was a very cool band setting up there as well right when we were leaving.

Revelstoke Baby!!!

10) & Lastly…. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort… This is T’s favorite mountain… when he says lets go skiing.. this is the Mountain he is talking about. Its a beautiful hill.. beautiful area.. everyone should make their stop here. Plus Revelstoke is just an hour & a half away. By this time our legs were made of jello… we just goofed around.. T attempted more backflips.. & I was attempting to “bunny hop” jumps he scouted for me.. It was the perfect end to our trip!

Kicking Horse Mountain

Hope these little tid bits of information help you along the way. EVERYONE we dealt with on this trip were amazing! We were so lucky we didn’t have one bad day… time.. nothing.

T & I are always surrounded by people (who we love), be it our families or our friends.. so it was nice to know that we can survive just the two of us on a two week holiday… or that we wont kill eachother being locked in a vehicle just the two of us for two weeks! haha

I was talking to him about it today… & we both became so excited! Soooo I can’t wait to hear where our next trip will take us~!!~ 😉

Travel, Love, Laugh & Have Fun Dammit! This world, never mind our own country, is filled with amazing sites, & amazing people… how lucky are we.. take advantage!

Luv Ya … WRG