First True Sign Of Spring

Finally the first sign of spring has shown its face… The crocuses are now in bloom!

Friday afternoon when I got home from work on my kitchen counter sat this:


A couple beautiful purple flowers in a cute little shotgun shot glass. T’s little bro’s girlfriend picked them for us while on a tour through the coulees. This made my day!! Not only is it nice to come home to some flowers, but to come home to the one flower EVERYONE has been patiently waiting for…

Ahhhhhhhhh Spring Time MUST be here!!

As all the farmers in the area are patiently waiting for the ground to dry up, the next step to spring will be seeing them tractors rolling through the fields. Meeting your neighbors on the road again in sprayers, farm trucks, big rigs & tractors. This always give me a jolt of happiness & excitement! Its been a long ass winter… so here is hoping all you farm wives can kick your stir crazy husbands out to the field soon… & let the farming begin!! Bring it on seeding!!!

Now comes the packed lunches, travel easy suppers & parts runs (lets hope this one doesn’t happen).

I hope to help you all out by showing off some good recipes that make life a little easier!



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