Mmmm Mashed Spuds

It seems like this last week has been a week where our fridge is packed full of leftovers… But I’m not complaining as it has made for some easy lunches… or quick suppers!

The main leftover dish in our fridge is Mashed Potatoes. Mmmmmmm how we loved mashed spuds… I had a pretty decent container full, then the other day T’s ma sent us home with another container full of mashed spuds with bacon. So we are fully stocked! Plus you NEVER turn down leftovers sent home from your mom’s… that would just be the dumbest thing possible.. seeing your mom is by far the best cook around! You take them graciously & stuff yourself if need be.. as you do not want to throw them out. 🙂

Yesterday morning I made a pot of Chilli in the crockpot for T, as I thought I was heading to the farm to de-worm the horses that night. Plans had changed throughout the day, which was nice seeing I too got to come home to supper prepared… I then opened the fridge to get a glass of milk when I seen the two mashed potato containers staring at me.. seeing I am the sucker I am & love them.. I thought….

Why not put a scoop of spuds in the bottom of my bowl… add the hot delicious chili.. sprinkle some cheese on top & add a few nacho chips to the side for dipping!?

Sooo that is exactly what I did! It was delicious.. filling & soo soo savory! I must admit I did eat a little more then I should of.. but I felt that was okay seeing I actually got my ass in gear when I got home & worked out for an hour. Right.. that evens out.. !?! 😉

When T got home from shoveling grain I prepared him his bowl full of awesomeness. He too loved it! But then again what man after working a long day doesn’t love bacon mashed potatoes  chili, cheese, & nacho chips! It’s like a bowl of heaven for them!!

Anyway, this is one idea I had to use up some leftovers & I will most definitely be trying this again… What do you like to do with your leftover mashes spuds.. I need some more ideas!?

Luv Ya… Hungry WRG


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