Farm Animals

Growing up I was lucky enough to always be surrounded by animals… (no that does not include my little brother..) Most farm kids do… & I always thought this was so important.

As a young gal, I was riding my first horse by 3… Naming my first cow at 5.. I was in charge of feeding the cats by the time I was walking… & I always had my best friend watching out for me.. our dog (at the time) Theo.  In fact my very first sentence was about Theo… Mom had sent me outside with a cookie for some fresh air.. I don’t even think I was 2 yet. She could hear me whimpering so she came up & asked me what was wrong. I replied with “Tee-o num num cookie…Amy whaaa..” Mom said she had to try not to laugh out loud at me, clearly I was quite upset.. But it was cute none the less.

Dogs are girl's best friend
(Thanks Pinterest)

I feel animals give kids a good start on being responsible. For example chores…feeding, bathing, doctoring, cleaning up after them. Its a great job for kids, not are they learning responsibilities, but they are learning how to work & how to care for something.

Once I was 10 years old, I was old enough to join the local 4-H Beef Club. Although at times you may be arguing with your brother on who’s turn it is to feed the calves, or your scared cause the day before your calf was a wild animal & threw you into the fence.. or that along with school homework, you now had to keep a record of your calves progress monthly.. OR that dreaded highway clean.. along with Public Speaking… However, 4-H was such a great experience & so much fun! If you get the opportunity I feel this is something every kid should experience… & the best part of it is that there are 100s of different 4-H clubs… Rabbit, chicken, sewing, baking, beef, horse.. etc. (I think I may have my next blog topic.. 4-H!)

Once high school was done.. & I moved forward to college & the big city lights.. I began to realize how much I missed all our crazy animals. For example your dog pal isn’t there to protect you when your scared (how many of you when at the farm, feel 100 times more comfortable when your dog is walking next to you at night time.. or sitting outside your door guarding the place?) They are a huge sense of security I always felt. I then moved to a location where my super GREAT friends allowed me to keep my horse there while going to school. I felt so lucky… & I felt so balanced.. I HAD to go out.. feed him, check on him.. ride him at least every other day.

Growing up I don’t know how many animals my dad had to turn down “No we cant get a goat..sorry” “A pony I don’t think so..” “Why would you want a duck.. your scared of birds” Then he would reply with “Once you get your own place you can have all the animals you want!”

Snappy and Peggy  ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here:
Snappy & Peggy (This Lil’ Gal is my Hero! She Trainined A Gator!!)

Now at 26.. I am still waiting for that opportunity… But I know it will come one day.. & Luckily for me T keeps me balanced, he understands my love for critters…But helps me realize that no we don’t need 3 pigs, 4 sheep, 2 dogs, 8 cats, 2 ducks, 1 rabbit, 3 horses, a goat & chicken.. So for now we just have Llyod & Harry.. They are a lot like the honey badger where they just “don’t give a shit” But they are pretty hilarious cats..

I do know one thing.. nothing brightens your day more then an animal.. even when driving you crazy or misbehaving they still seem to keep you smiling.. laughing.. & capture your heart!

Here are some super cute pictures of farm animals.. Even threw a few of my animals in the mix.

Our pig last year… Clark
My mini mare.. Pearly
My Gelding … Turbo
Theo when she was a pup
brown hair/ brown eyes
Smiling Lamb (thanks to pinterest)
Bunnies! (thanks to pinterest)
ducklings are sooo cute!

Something I have came across while T & I have been debating getting a dog the last year & a half.. was adoption sites! Granted ALL animals being sold or up for adoption need homes… but this is a nice deed for sure!  Not only could you find the perfect animal for you on one of the local adoption sites.. but they also give you a chance to Foster a puppy! The adoption agency provides absolutely everything needed & required for the animal.. all you need to do is give it a home & love it until its forever home is found. I thought it was pretty cool.. plus an opportunity to see if your ready to own your own dog…You may realize that you aren’t ready for a dog or cat after having fostered it for a month or two.

There are lots of animals out there needing homes.. this is just another way to help out if its something for you.

Here are some sites!


Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation Logo

R.A.S.T.A Rescue – Farm animals & Pot Belly Pigs

 I want to hear about your animals!! What do you have at your place.. or on your farm?!

Luv Ya… WRG


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