Who Loves The Floppy Hat!?

Lately I have been obsessed with the floppy hat look. I love them! The other day I went into the city to grab a few things… When there I seen it… The perfect floppy hat! Black felt..& simply cute!

I tried it on.. was wondering if I would be able to pull it off… hmmmmm…

Looked at the price tag.. it read “$14”.

Ummmm I would be silly NOT to buy this super fun hat! I then seen a cool cap for T as well… When I got to the til he said they were both now “$10”! Sweeeeeet! I love a good deal!

Here are some gals that can rock the floppy hat!

Soooooo Gorgeous

 floppy hat



I love Lyn-z Pastrana’s red floppy hat she sports!


I am quite happy with mine… although I think it would look even better once my luscious locks get a little longer!

Do you sport a floppy hat… what colour?! Cant wait to wear mine…. If your real lucky I may even post a pic! 😉


Hope you all are having a GREAT Week so far!

Luv ya… WRG


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