Wives Tales … My Random Stumble This Morning

I have always enjoyed a good wives tale.. whether they are true or not, I still find them interesting & if anything entertaining.

On my Pinterest home page this morning I seen someone had posted this: (& NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!)



Anyway… I was laughing as I was reading it because I can see how this would be true considering girls are like this… & boys like that…

For Example:

1) Girls get easily worked up (higher heartbeat).. Boys don’t get worked up enough (lower heartbeat)

2) Girls Love Chocolate & Cupcakes…. Boys Like Chips & Salsa

3) Girls get SUPER Hungover the next morning.. Boys do not (at least they don’t show it)

4) Girls have crazy hormones  =  moody (most good moods though..right!?) & Boys are Happy.. yup always happy….happy (this drives me nuts sometimes! I want to be HAPPY all the time.. Stupid hormones!)

5) Girls really do have nice soft skin… & Boys need to find the lotion at times (“ewwww your hands are so dry.!!” “That’s ’cause I’m a workin’ man Babbbbby.. Lotion is for losers” “Oh Yes.. sorry forgot how tough you are!” ;))

6) Girls are ALWAYS Right….. & Boys are Not..

7) Boys give you headaches…. mostly stress headaches….. Girls do not (right?)

Correct me if I’m wrong… but by the looks of things we are made the way we are made before we ever enter this beautiful world. So Guys can’t blame us for our moody days… just like we can’t blame them for the headaches they give us.

Anyone have any fun wives tales they enjoy or have tried? Has this gender predicting worked for you!?!?

Plus T gave me a good idea & said I should have a “Babe of the Week”.. you know to get more guy viewers….. haha So stay tuned for our “HUNK of the Week” ladies… 


Luv Ya … WRG


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