Song Of The Day – Southern Dreaming by The Sheepdogs

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Sheepdogs! Thanks to you guys for introducing them to me… (you know who you are!)
They are real, soulful, old school, rockers, musicians, performers… We need more bands out their like these dudes! Plus they are local Saskatchewan Boys.. Gotta Love that!

These guys know how to roll good ole’ fashion Rock Music with that easy listening feel! In other words their tunes make you HAPPY.. HAPPY!

Happy Sheepdogs!

If you ever get the chance.. the are unreal live. By far one of my favorite concerts. They are kickin’ it true old school.. Ain’t no Players here! Give them a Listen… Hell buy all their music.. You wont be disappointed!

Here is my favorite:
The Sheepdogs – Southern Dreaming

Cover Of The Rolling Stones…..

Hope you love them like WE do! (T’s Sheepdog CD has not left the shop stereo now.. going on 1 year!)

Luv Ya… WRG


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