It’s Time For A Little Love Talk

I logged onto my twitter today… & one of the first posts was by the beautiful Jessica Robertson of Duck Dynasty. She had a link posted that was titled “How the Robertson Couples Met”. Being a Duck Dynasty Fan I clicked on it & read up on each couple.

Robertson Family

This article made my heart soo warm! Each couple has been together since High School, & married shortly after. I know a lot of people say things like… you got your whole life to get “tied down”… go live… your too young to get married.. Which can be true in some aspects…. however I liked Willie’s quote when he said “All our memories are together. Everything we have, we built together.” Him & Korie first met in Grade 3… & later married a year after high school.

Korie & Willie after 21 years of Marriage

Plus I believe if you are with the perfect one, you shouldn’t feel tied down.. they should be there to encourage you to pursue your dreams, to live your life.. & if you are REAL lucky you get to live your dreams together! Nothing better then sharing something you love with the one you love.

Here is T & I’s little love story. Hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it….

T & I’s families grew up together in two small but neighboring communities. My best friend growing up was also T’s cousin. Needless to say.. we definitely knew who each other were from a young age. Although to me T was my friends little cousin (okay.. I’ll admit I’m old then T..!) & to T I was his older cousins “Hot” friend! haha So I like to think.

Anyway, 2 years ago we were both at the same local ball tournament (go figure eh.. farm kids meeting a the local ball tourny out in the middle of the local field.. hehe). My good buddy sat me down & was like “Hey we should set up T & so in so..” I right then & there looked over at T & thought….nooo way man he is mine! This being to my surprise, seeing we hadn’t hung out or talked prior to all of this. I’m guessing it was that whole “Love at First Sight” thing… After that the rest is history… we were inseparable that whole summer. Six months later we were moving into a little place together. It may have seemed fast to some, but to us it was right on time. We have now lived happily together for a year & a half.

True love!

I have had more fun with T then I could have ever imagined. He pushes me to my limits, encourages me to continue to be the best person I can, has patience with me when teaching me new things (like how to ski!), & gives me shit when I’m out of line. Love everything about that dude!!

I hope I do the same for him… & can keep that massive smile on his face… which sometimes scares me cause I know it usually involves some kind of motorized vehicle, jumps & getting sweeeeet air! His little nephew doesn’t call him “EXTREME Uncle T” for nothing… 😉 But boys will be boys!

T Getting Air

Be it by our Grandparents, Parents, or Our Best Friends… T & I are surrounded by people who show us what true love really is & that in good times & bad you stick true to each other & stand by each other.

T & I Canoeing

I want to hear how you & your love met… Everyone has a story… & everyone’s story is the Best! Don’t be Shy…

I feel this world needs a little more love right now.

Luv Ya … WRG


3 thoughts on “It’s Time For A Little Love Talk

  1. Trent & I Met online, very unconventional but when I met him I knew he was the one. We moved in and bought a house in under a year. Turned out we knew a lot of the same people and my cousin was his college roommate (talk about fate). My parents used to call me “Little Nicky Nash” when I played basketball because of my height and the NBA player Steve Nash. When I met Trent and found out that his last name was Nash I called my dad immediately and he could not believe it. We have been happily married for almost 2 years now and I couldn’t imagine life without him and I am now officially “Nicky Nash” 🙂

  2. Joey and I had known of other through our friends. I remember I thought he as such a gorgeous guy and when I was at work one day, I noticed there was a farm call out to his place for his sister-in-laws horses. I came to work that next day in my favourite jeans and my hair and make up was just perfect!!!!!! I remember going out to the call and of course all the boys stopped by and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful his smile was and how nice and polite he was. We left the call without a phone number, but he did happen to mention he would be at Rockyford Rodeo that weekend. . .

    Now that we know each other its funny to hear this story cause we both came to the rodeo with same intentions, just much different game plans. As soon as I got to the dance I saw him right away and he was looking good. To my good luck he was by someone that I knew so I went to say hi to that person and it was just pure coincidence that he came over right away and put his arm around me and starts talking. (Just as I had planned it!!!!) It wasn’t five minutes later and then he took off……rejected and not how I had planned it, I then ran over to my friend and told her the bad news and that was that. Along came my best guy friend and asked me to dance and immediately after Joey came back into the picture and then we had our first dance, and that’s where it all began. When we were talking about that night months later and I asked him why he took off, he claims he was dangling the bait, but then he saw me dance with another guy (whose was like my brother), but he didn’t know that, so he figured he best quit dangling the bait:)

    Joey and I were engaged 6 months later and married within a year of knowing one another. To some I think they though we were crazy, but we knew what we were doing!!! I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true, when you meet that right person you just know. This summer we will have been happily married for 4 years and I still get butterflies and feel the same as I did that day on the farm call 🙂

    Amy Harwood

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