Monroe Monday

I figured I would make this beautiful Monday a Music Monday!

I have always been in love with a variety of music growing up.. I remember one day dad telling me I was born in the wrong era.. Growing Up I loved bands like Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, The Cars, Foreigner & Zepplin. I also loved country stars like the classic George Strait, Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker… & of course Merle Haggard. Since then the list of bands I love range in era’s, styles, genres, & so forth!  I really enjoy old music.. I feel its true, real & what music is all about.

Nothing can change your mood, bring you back to a memory, make you laugh, cry, & scream at the top of your lungs like Music can… Its a huge part of everyone’s daily life… & a great part!!

I titled this blog Monroe Monday… Because today is all about one of my favorite songwriters & musicians… Ashley Monroe!


The first time I heard Monroe’s voice I was in awe! I became a fan instantly. She was singing with the Racounters in their single “Old Enough” Her voice is soo unique, beautiful, & it gives me an old soul feeling…. if that makes sense!

Check out the song….

I then investigated further into her… & realized she was an incredible songwriter. Writing songs like “The Truth” by Jason Aldean, & also writing alongside her gal pal Miranda Lambert, as Lambert walked herself through the charts… Now being one of the biggest names in country music & a huge role model for young women everywhere!

I then heard Miranda Lambert (who I also loved right from Nashville Star!) say there was a new band coming out.. The Pistol Annies… When I heard Monroe would be singing alongside Miranda & Angeleena I was beyond excited… each of these gals has their own style that they stick true too, never mind a down home, don’t give a shit attitude, that makes their fans easily connect with them… as these girls Stick to their Roots.. They sure know how to Rock & Roll!!! They are beyond fun to listen too & watch…


When I heard their album, I feel in love with the old school feeling of the songs… the lyrics.. & the sound. Here is the link to their new single “Hush Hush”

Monroe then… earlier this year came out with her album “Like A Rose”, that she produced with the great Vince Gill! It was without question it was going to be unbelievable! She has such a great sense of humor, a way with words & above all an unreal voice! Here is her single “Like A Rose” ….


Give her a listen.. I wouldn’t let you down!

Happy Monday

Luv Ya … WRG


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