~Pura Vida~

I was looking for a great summer accessory that I could sport all summer long! I then remembered reading about the Pura Vida bracelets last summer… which I regretted not buying. So I didn’t let that happen this year! Just received them in the mail…

My Bracelets Came In!

Not only are these bracelets kick ass! They come in a million different colours, combos.. some come with beads.. some come braided.. some come with a pendent.. I guarantee they have a bracelet to support your style! & buy purchasing one you can support their style..

Charm Collection
Braided Collection
Beaded Collection
Original Collection

Pura Vida is a member of the 1% For The Planet… a portion of each bracelet sold goes to the Surfrider Foundation, who are cleaning up our beaches & oceans around the world. I know a lot of us have been lucky enough to go on a vacation .. see the ocean & the sandy beaches… & heaven knows we all appreciate & respect a clean beach!! Lets keep this up.. Every little bit helps.. to make this world a better place.

Surfrider Foundation
Surfrider Foundation

Also, these bracelets provide jobs for Costa Rican artisans who are trying to make ends meet, & support their family!

I think its a great cause.. & one that anyone can afford. Bracelets range from $5 to $20. It really is hard to beat a deal like that anymore. They are waterproof as well for all you lake bums out there! 🙂

Its really the perfect summer accessory… with your good deed behind it!

Take a look at their website… I would be surprised if you close it without a little purchase under your belt!



Luv ya… WRG


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