A First Date Story… Resulting in the Emergency Room

Two years ago, on probably my 2nd or 3rd date with T he took me out dirt biking.

My dad & brother taught me how to ride a dirt bike back when I was 14 or 15 years old. I made out alright & had a blast. Although I did have a minor crash, & a swollen foot for a couple days. I still remember having so much fun! Also, it came as no surprise, as usually if something is going to happen… its going to happen to me… & I had already came to terms with this back then.

Anyway, back to my story… T took me out one day dirt biking with a couple friends of his. We had a blast… I did soo good & my confidence was building! It was such a blast…feeling the power behind the throttle… wind blowing in my hair… watching the guys show off to us girls, & watching the sunset behind the coulee banks. Great Night!!

It was just a couple days later, that T & I went out on our own. We took off down the dirt road… T cat walking going soooo fast (show off!), me thinking “well damn if he can go that fast cat walking… I can keep up to him on two wheels!” As I’m givin’er along… just shifting into 5th… I come around a bend… it was full of soft ruts… WHACK… there I laid a good 6 feet in front of the bike!

I was on my knees.. I took a big breath & rested my head on the dirt in front of me. I realized I was okay.. Phewff!! I stripped off my helmet & that’s when T got back to me.. he looked pretty worried!! As I got up to talk to him, my knee buckled & I damn near fell over again. I had a hole through my hoodie on my shoulder, where showing through was nothing but a beautiful raspberry.. OUCH! Then I had another one on my elbow… & a little one above my lip.. clearly I was going too fast to get one on my face, considering I was wearing my motocross helmet. But I couldn’t help but laugh! Especially seeing I could still see the yard from where I was at.

T picked up my bike, I hopped back on.. but I couldn’t kick it over.. my knee was killing me. So he ripped back to the yard & brought back the Gator.

Crash Site.. Waiting for T…Bunged Up Fender

When we got back to the yard… I iced my knee, cleaned the dirt out of my road rash wounds.. & had a nice cold beer! Poor T.. he was sooo worried & he felt soo bad…I actually felt worse for him then me!

The next morning my knee was the size of a cantaloupe! At emergency they figured I had twisted it good… but they didn’t seem too concerned. So naturally I put on the first pair of jeans I could fit over my knee, my cowboy boots, T found me a cane he had once made out of  poplar tree & we went to the Calgary Stampede!! YeeeHaw!

I never got up to too much activity through the summer, I skied once, just cause I was tired of watching everyone else in the water… the following fall I went to the chiropractor. He got me some inserts for my shoes & I hit the volleyball court for 7 months. Went hard all the next summer surfing… skiing…etc…Played another season of volleyball.. & this winter went on a 2 week ski trip. I then went to the doctor just to get my knee checked again (2 years later) it still just didn’t feel right.. although it felt strong & stable it would still bug me from time to time. She sent me for an MRI & the results came back last week…. Surgery!! I have a complete tear of the ACL, & a slight tear of the lateral meniscus.. & some fraying (as she trailed off saying words I have never heard of…. GREAT!) My face dropped… I was not wanting to hear that. I told her “How..!? I was sooo active!” She said “I don’t know dear… but looking at this MRI your knee is definitely wrecked!!”

Example of a Tore ACL

I am waiting to hear when I will get surgery…. I don’t want to get surgery… is it worth getting surgery~!?  I’m worried that if I get surgery & the playing around with it it will never be the same.. but the Doc said, you need surgery so you don’t get arthritis in it at 50…

Main thing is to keep a positive mind.. & keep active! I mean pro athletes wreck their knees all the time.. but somehow heal & get back out there. I guess I just don’t want to be laid up for another summer… Although Boat Drivers are always needed.. & beer drinkers too.. & Luckily I excel at both 😉

Luv ya… WRG


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