Don’t Keep Up With The Jones’s!!

I find in today’s world everyone is craving & wanting the best of the best! This is not a bad thing, as it is great  to be focused & have goals you want to push towards. But I often find it sometimes gets in the middle of you seeing what you have sitting right in front of you.. & how LUCKY you are to have this!!

Where we live we are very blessed… we are free… we have good jobs.. great families & friends. We get to do what we love, live in peace & quiet, go on holidays, & drive nice vehicles… its not until you travel outside of your area that you become extremely grateful for what you have.

The Farm
The Farm

With this being said it is easy to get caught up in wanting rather then needing.. Hence trying to keep up with the Jone’s! Them damn Jones’s eh!! How do they do it!?!?

Well you know what.. that is not your concern Mista! What they do in their life does not, & should not reflect yours. I remember my dad telling my brother & I once when we were in our late teens… with big googly eyes looking at fancy new trucks, he said “If you get the best of the best right off the bat then you have nothing to look forward to as you get older” Don’t get me wrong we were still extremely lucky in getting a $6000 vehicle over a $600. But I just always remembered that. I mean its hard to create memories in something that is perfect…right!?

For example, my fondest memories of  being 16, was in my best friends little Jeep Cherokee she got for $500 at an auction! It was old, rusty, bumpy, but FUN! We went every where in that thing… we had a blast flying down the back roads.. tunes cranked.. laughing if it ever sputtered or stalled. That thing made memories for us! & we were NEVER embarrassed in it.. in fact we were proud! Or the time when T & I came home to leaking pipes at 3 am.. I in my dress mopping up buckets of water.. while T threw his tie over his shoulder & got to work. As T was cussing under his breath he looked over at me & said “We’ll be laughing about this a year from now”. Sure enough he was right!

What I am getting at here is don’t worry about what you don’t have, or if your truck doesn’t compare to your neighbors, or our house is too small. You do whats best for YOU.. & YOUR Family & you be DAMN proud of what you have! If you can only afford to drive a beat up 1989 Chevy with rusted out fender wells, one wiper & a slight shimmy… you better have the radio cranked… your shades on… cruising the streets like a BOSS…! (“They see me rollin’… they hatin’…)


I know we have all been there (thinking I wish I had that..), & I know I have been there as well! But my dad, mom, brother & T always remind me of the good stuff… There is nothing more fun then bombing around in the old farm truck. OR watching dad drive the grain truck down the road that he bought when he was 18 with the biggest smile ever.. as if he was just bringing it home from the dealer. & Ma would always tell us the story of when she was growing up.. & Gramma would sew all of their clothes for them, & once she was in Jr.High she wanted a pair of Levi jeans more then anything. Lucky for her Grandpa was able to get her her first pair of jeans! Yippee! All the kids would tease & call her “stove pipe” because they were slightly flood, & skinny but she didn’t care… She walked around in her first pair of jeans being more proud then ever! Hearing these stories from mom & watching dad have a blast in his old farm trucks & farm equipment made it easy for my brother & I to stay grounded & appreciate what we have.

It’s so easy to get caught up in it all, “Why do they need a new truck.. how do they get to go on another holiday… why do they get to have 10 dogs…” Instead think “Isn’t that truck so in so got wicked! Thats sooo awesome they went to Hawaii!! Thank GOD we don’t have 10 dogs..”  😉 This is something everyone needs to work on, including me. Your life is your life… there life is there’s. So there is no need to Compare…. 🙂

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy

We may Never know how the Jones’s do it.. & you should never care. You may get jealous at times cause you would LOVE to own something so shiny… but just remember.. That what you have is what you worked for, & its YOURS & nobody else’s! You Own that Thing.. You Rock That Thing.. You Be Proud & Grateful~

& If you can afford the shiny things then that is wonderful! You be Proud too! But just remember when your friend pulls up in their rust bucket hatchback with a 2″ lift, (ya ya your for sure going to get looks) you hop right in, throw your shades on & rock out with them! Remember what you think is trash is someone else’s treasure.

It’s not about what you have.. It’s about the memories you create with what you have.

Be Grateful, Be Proud, Be Kind! & Always Have Fun!

Luv ya … WRG


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