Sewww Thats How Its Done!

Being the lady of a farmer, we know how easily the guys go through jeans & shirts! They are rough & tough & make sure the job gets done.. before they worry about ripping their shirt while under the tractor, or snagging their jeans on the barbwire fence… & I must say this is something that I LOVE about them. No worries.. no stress.. no need to cry over a tear in your favorite shirt. & you know they all have that favorite pair of jeans or their favorite shirt with the armpits blown out… & no matter how ripped up & stained it may be.. you will NOT survive if they find it in the trash. This is something we just need to learn to deal with… & I do understand as I too have my favorites with holes (seeing the you were scrambling through a fence to block off an open gate before all the calves got out!) It’s happened to the best of us…

Anyway, with this all being said, I have been getting bugged lately to mend some jeans. When I think about sewing, I think of frustration, so I’ll calmly say “Hunny, here is the sewing machine, you can learn to mend your own damn jeans…” Not sure why the thought of sewing irks me… I really wouldn’t mind doing this job for him at all… so really no reason to snap on the poor fella! But sewing is something that just has not come easy for me… so I refuse to practice it at all… But I think its time!!

Here is a tutorial by Adventures in Dressmaking.. it looks simple to do.. plus I like the look of how they turned out!


I will be sure to post you guys a picture of my finished product once it is done. I hope it turned out like these tho! I mean we pay for this look these days..

Project Number 2 – Trailer Curtains

The next thing I want to learn to sew is some new curtains for our holiday trailer. Everything in the old trailers seem to be floral patterns & ugly colours.. tacky to say the least. So I am hoping to spruce up ours with something like a Chevron pattern. & luckily with trailers/campers you can get away with funky colours… so use this space to Express Yourself!! This way when you sell your old trailer to that young couple (who you once were) she too will think “What the hell were they thinking putting up yellow & grey Chevron curtains.. like that was soooo 2013!”

Here is a blog I found that I am going to try to follow when making our new curtains… I mean how hard can it be…..right!!??


I will make sure to keep you posted on how this project goes! Hopefully I can tell you what TO DO & not what NOT TO DO…

If there are any tips you can give a new sewer please do… as I need all the help I can get.. & all the patience too!

I’ll just have to remember this:


Luv ya… WRG


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