Groceries on a Budget

Well I hope you all enjoyed a long weekend full of friends, family, laughter, delicious food.. & Beers! I know we sure did!

Today I want to help give you all a tip when it comes to grocery shopping. Its something that I just started doing the last two weeks, & I have already noticed a difference… in the bank & the fridge! 😉

 I don’t know how many times I have had a slight panic attack when watching the groceries go through the til, I’m pretty sure that the til instantly starts at $50… next two items $75.. next two items $120.. Then next thing you know you have a $250 grocery bill & there is nothing you can do about it!  Its something that we ALL have to spend money on, & living on a budget can make grocery shopping very stressful.

grocery bag

Lately I have been reading lots on little tricks on how to make grocery shopping happen on a budget.. especially when I realized how much we were spending a month on groceries.. (trust me it was a scary figure)! Here are a few reasons why we were spending so much…

1) I would often decide what we were going to have for supper while I was at work that day

2) Having done number 1 I would make my list for that meal while at work

3) Having done number 2 I would often think “Do I have this at home… hmmm I’ll just buy it in case we don’t”

4) I work in town this being easy to stop at a grocery store once a day

Anyway, the last two weeks I have changed the way I have shopped.. here is what I am doing! I have so far cut our grocery bill by $200! So Awesome!

1) Make a weekly meal plan – by doing this you will have all your meals planned out for the week. Not only does this save you time & stress thinking “What will we have for supper tonight?”, but it will allow you to develop your grocery list once for the whole week!

2) Take your meal plan & make your grocery list

3) Take CASH out at your bank & keep it aside for groceries. If you have a $200 budget.. take out $200. Simple as that! We all know its a lot harder to pass that $50 bill over then it is to swipe a plastic card. I budget each paycheck rather then once a month. Its works best for me.. do what works best for you

4) REMEMBER YOUR LIST – there is nothing worse then forgetting your list! Its almost like all rules go out the window… chips, chocolate, things I’ll never eat but they looked good at the time… remember your list!

5) Take a pen with you, as you throw something in your cart.. cross off the item & write the cost of it down – this gives you a mental note of where you are at price wise. I keep my phone with me, open the calculator app & add each price in as I toss it in my cart.. then I get to see the running total

6) Try to go shopping on days where they have sales…& keep your eye on the flyers! For example our store will have 15% off on the first of every month. This is a good time to go! Also, stuff like toilet paper, coffee, cereals, spices, stuff you dont have to buy often but still use… its nice to get them on sale. For example we Love Caesars.. A LOT! So when Clamato is on sale I’ll stock up!

Here is what my list looks like this week!

Meal Planning

I hope these tips help.. they have for me so far! Sorry I feel as though this blog is a little dry.. I promise tomorrow will be better.. still a little slow & wore out from our marathon of a weekend.. 😉

Luv ya… WRG


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