Song Of The Week – DREW GREGORY – Truck Beer Girl

I know I usually do the song of the week later in the week but I just couldn’t wait! Heck I’ll probably do two this week!

I want you all to check out an old buddy of mine.. Drew Gregory from a small farming community here in Alberta!

Drew Gregory
Drew Gregory

He was always the dude at the parties sitting around the fire with his guitar, getting the crowd going with classic country sing-a-longs. He is a great character who sticks true to his roots… & I know his community is very proud of him! As the time goes on he is gaining success & putting his name on the map… Please take the time to head over to his site & check him out.. he has a song out there for everyone.. the party hardy.. the broken hearted.. the small town boy.. the drinkin’ type!

Drew Gregory
Drew Gregory

Give him a listen as anyone who knows him would tell you he won’t let you down!

This is his latest song.. Truck..Beer..Girl! He has a new album coming out that you can buy too!

Let me know what you think….

Luv Ya … WRG


Baked Chicken w/ Herb & Cheese Breadcrumbs ( A Rachael Ray Recipe!)

I seen this recipe on Rachael Ray’s show last week.. It looked soooooo Goooood! So of course I HAD to try it! Turns out it is by far DELICIOUS & super easy to make!

Here it is…..

Baked Chicken with Herb-and-Cheese Breadcrumbs
Rachael’s Version

Ingredients ( Serves 4)

  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 to 1 1/4 cups Panko breadcrumbs
  • 1/3 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (a fat handful)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley
  • 1 tablespoon chopped rosemary
  • 1 tablespoon chopped thyme
  • 4 pieces boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Olive oil, for drizzling
  • Salt and pepper
  • About 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard ( I used Horseradish Dijon… YUMMY)


Preheat oven to 400°F.

Melt butter over medium heat in a small skillet; swirl with garlic for 2 minutes. Pour butter and garlic over breadcrumbs and cool. Toss with cheese and fresh herbs.

Drizzle chicken with EVOO and season both sides with salt and pepper. Slather each piece of chicken with mustard and press that side into the breadcrumb-and-cheese mixture. Arrange chicken on nonstick or parchment-lined baking sheet and bake 20 minutes or until juices run clear and breadcrumbs are deeply golden.

My Creation of the Herb & Cheese Baked Chicken!

I then paired this chicken with rice & a parsley salad. I am not a huge fan of parsley, however I thought I would try it ( as Rachael Ray said it goes perfectly with the chicken).

It was good.. but I think next time I will substitute the parsley for spinach instead.

Parsley, Tomato, Red Onion, Olive Oil & Salt & Pepper to taste.. Mix & Enjoy!

This chicken took me NO time to prepare & it was a huge HIT at the dinner table! Plus the best part is you don’t have to follow the herbs to a tee… you can mix in your favorite herbs instead… you can’t go wrong!

Give it a try & let me know how it turns out!

Luv Ya… WRG

First True Sign Of Spring

Finally the first sign of spring has shown its face… The crocuses are now in bloom!

Friday afternoon when I got home from work on my kitchen counter sat this:


A couple beautiful purple flowers in a cute little shotgun shot glass. T’s little bro’s girlfriend picked them for us while on a tour through the coulees. This made my day!! Not only is it nice to come home to some flowers, but to come home to the one flower EVERYONE has been patiently waiting for…

Ahhhhhhhhh Spring Time MUST be here!!

As all the farmers in the area are patiently waiting for the ground to dry up, the next step to spring will be seeing them tractors rolling through the fields. Meeting your neighbors on the road again in sprayers, farm trucks, big rigs & tractors. This always give me a jolt of happiness & excitement! Its been a long ass winter… so here is hoping all you farm wives can kick your stir crazy husbands out to the field soon… & let the farming begin!! Bring it on seeding!!!

Now comes the packed lunches, travel easy suppers & parts runs (lets hope this one doesn’t happen).

I hope to help you all out by showing off some good recipes that make life a little easier!


Hunk Of The Week – Extreme Athlete Travis Pastrana

Hunk Of The Week - Extreme Athlete Travis Pastrana

So I had to pick Travis Pastrana for the hunk of the week this week.. Mostly cause I have a major athlete crush on this dude. He is a Pro Motocross Rider.. Freestyle Rider… The MAN of NitroCircus…Rally Car Driver… & Now a Nascar Driver!

Travis Pastrana..

Extreme Athlete… Positive Personality.. Super Fun.. Down to Earth Dude.. ( no I have not hung out with him.,… yet anyway). Plus he is married to a super rad chick, Lyn-z Adams Pastrana… 23yr old pro skateboarder!

Honestly look this couple up & I guarantee you too will fall in love with them!

So There He Is Ladies…. Mista Travis Pastrana

Luv ya… WRG

Pay It Forward – Life Vest Inside Video

This video describes what happened in Calgary, AB yesterday. April 25, 2013 was named Calgary’s official “Pay It Forward Day”!

By doing a random act of kindness to one person, you spread kindness to thousands! Its a beautiful thing.. & I believe Pay if Forward day should be everyday… I’m not saying you have to buy the persons coffee who is behind you in line everyday.. I am saying keep your eye out & have time to help someone who you may come across that could use a little kindness or a little help. It could be as little as waiting that extra 5 seconds holding the door open to allow that person to come through. Its the little things that count… & carry forward!

A couple years ago a friend of mine started “The Happy Sprinkle”. This blog site is all about making the world a kind place… & none the less showing people how simple it is to pay if forward. She has had huge success with this blog!! She now works for Kids Up Front.. & this job couldn’t be better suited for her. This company “provides children and teens with experiences that foster possibilities, passions and dreams” (The Happy Sprinkle Blog). I encourage everyone to check her out & follow her on twitter. She will bring a smile to your face & bring some warmth to your heart… plus she encourages you to be a better kinder person. She also got herself & ME in the Huffpost Alberta! How Cool! Thanks Gal!

The Happy Sprinkle
The Happy Sprinkle
Tweet her @thehappysprinkle
Facebook her @

Yesterday she encouraged me to spread a little kindness as well…. so I sent a box of chocolate covered fruit to a special someone in the Big City… just because you don’t live in Calgary, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in this beauty of a day! Am I right!?

Again its not always about lending money, or buying someone a coffee or treat.. it can be anything!

Here are somethings I have done to help others:

1) Stopped to help a young girl in a snow storm who was stuck in the ditch. Not only was I already late for work that morning, but it was freezing cold, snowing & blowing (typicial AB right!?) Luckily she had already got ahold of her Uncle who was coming to help her. She was very thankful!

2) A guy was pulled over on the side of the road near our farm in the boonies. This is a situation when travelling alone that you should take caution, especially being a girl. Here is what I did… I had drove past him at first then seen his drive shaft laying under his truck (Not GOOD!) There is next to no service in this area. I decided to back up & see if he needed some help. When I backed up to him I 1) stayed in my car 2) locked the doors 3) only cracked my window enough for him to hear me 4) kept my car in drive.. cause in this crazy world you never know! I asked if I could call someone for him. He looked at me in shock, said no thanks (he had already walked a mile to get service, & his friend was on his way). He the proceeded to say Thank-you & that I was the only person who had stopped in the last hour. I hope that he passed on a little kindness after this.

3) When riding the city bus back in my school days in Calgary… when an elder was on the bus.. (man or woman) I would ALWAYS give up my seat. This made me sad as many (but not ALL) people would more then often stay seated… & proceed to work on their lap tops. This disappointed me time & time again. Me, being a 19 year old fit girl at the time, had a hard enough time standing in the bus isle without falling over.. I couldn’t imagine trying to do this at 70, 80, or 90 with my cane or walker… or huge belly PREGNANT! But it always gave me a smile when I would stand & give my seat to someone more in need… I would then get recognized & see another younger person stand & pass up their seat as well. Paying It Forward Ladies & Gents!

Lets continue this day on for the whole year! You know how hard life can get sometimes.. so why not be kind to someone & in return receive kindness…

BE kind #quote - #refashion your life

Like Mama always said to us kids when we would get fighting “Hey kids Whats the Golden Rule!?”
Us Kids “I know I know Mom… Treat others the way you want to be treated!”

With this being said, after stopping to help those two people with their car troubles, I had my truck break down on me… in a no service zone (we seem to have a lot of those in our area). The truck wouldn’t even start… it was -30C… & extremely windy. I did get a hold of my dad & bro after 7 broken calls. While I sat & waited for 40 minutes I had SEVEN people stop to see if I needed help. How Nice!

Another time my friend & I were on a road trip. We needed to fill up at the next town. Well damn, they were a small farming town that only took card lock. Seeing it was 10 o’clock that night we didn’t know what we were going to do. We went to their local pub to have a beer & think up a plan when a local lady came by & said hi… She then took us to the card lock, not only gave us enough fuel to get to the next town but filled us plum full! She turned down our cash, hopped in her Jeep & took off. Thank you Lady!! Whoever you were.. you saved us!

Help others & always be kind to one another

Everyone goes through good times & bad… & you never know what others are going through. Holding the door for someone with a smile & a hello could make their day… Picking up someones jacket that they left on the back of their chair at the restaurant… Or topping someone up with fuel. Why not make their day a good day!

Spread the Love People… ! & As Ellen would say “Be Kind To One Another!”

Luv Ya … WRG

Stay Tuned for the Hunk Of The Week 😉

Mmmm Mashed Spuds

It seems like this last week has been a week where our fridge is packed full of leftovers… But I’m not complaining as it has made for some easy lunches… or quick suppers!

The main leftover dish in our fridge is Mashed Potatoes. Mmmmmmm how we loved mashed spuds… I had a pretty decent container full, then the other day T’s ma sent us home with another container full of mashed spuds with bacon. So we are fully stocked! Plus you NEVER turn down leftovers sent home from your mom’s… that would just be the dumbest thing possible.. seeing your mom is by far the best cook around! You take them graciously & stuff yourself if need be.. as you do not want to throw them out. 🙂

Yesterday morning I made a pot of Chilli in the crockpot for T, as I thought I was heading to the farm to de-worm the horses that night. Plans had changed throughout the day, which was nice seeing I too got to come home to supper prepared… I then opened the fridge to get a glass of milk when I seen the two mashed potato containers staring at me.. seeing I am the sucker I am & love them.. I thought….

Why not put a scoop of spuds in the bottom of my bowl… add the hot delicious chili.. sprinkle some cheese on top & add a few nacho chips to the side for dipping!?

Sooo that is exactly what I did! It was delicious.. filling & soo soo savory! I must admit I did eat a little more then I should of.. but I felt that was okay seeing I actually got my ass in gear when I got home & worked out for an hour. Right.. that evens out.. !?! 😉

When T got home from shoveling grain I prepared him his bowl full of awesomeness. He too loved it! But then again what man after working a long day doesn’t love bacon mashed potatoes  chili, cheese, & nacho chips! It’s like a bowl of heaven for them!!

Anyway, this is one idea I had to use up some leftovers & I will most definitely be trying this again… What do you like to do with your leftover mashes spuds.. I need some more ideas!?

Luv Ya… Hungry WRG

CCR – Looking Out My Back Door

We are kickin’ it old school this sun-shiny Thursday morning! Here is the song of the day… CCR – Looking Out My Back Door.

CCR has always been a go to band for me. My favorite memory of listening to this band was back in High School.. Me & my two friends wanted to go to a party that Friday night, my one friend was the only one with her license at the time… Her dad said she was only allowed to go to the party once the square bales were picked up.
So the 3 of us stole her older brothers Ford pick-up.. headed out to the field… CCR was cranked as the 3 of us girls tossed bales into the back of the truck to bring in a full load! Oh did I mention we missed our last class that day to make sure things got done.

Although we got in minor trouble for skipping class from her dad, as we stood in front of him with slightly scratched up arms, hay in our hair & dusty smiles… he allowed us to go to the party!

Ever since then CCR has always been one of my favorite bands.
Hope this song brings you nothing but summer time thoughts & smiles!

Happy Thursday All!!

Luv Ya… WRG

Farm Animals

Growing up I was lucky enough to always be surrounded by animals… (no that does not include my little brother..) Most farm kids do… & I always thought this was so important.

As a young gal, I was riding my first horse by 3… Naming my first cow at 5.. I was in charge of feeding the cats by the time I was walking… & I always had my best friend watching out for me.. our dog (at the time) Theo.  In fact my very first sentence was about Theo… Mom had sent me outside with a cookie for some fresh air.. I don’t even think I was 2 yet. She could hear me whimpering so she came up & asked me what was wrong. I replied with “Tee-o num num cookie…Amy whaaa..” Mom said she had to try not to laugh out loud at me, clearly I was quite upset.. But it was cute none the less.

Dogs are girl's best friend
(Thanks Pinterest)

I feel animals give kids a good start on being responsible. For example chores…feeding, bathing, doctoring, cleaning up after them. Its a great job for kids, not are they learning responsibilities, but they are learning how to work & how to care for something.

Once I was 10 years old, I was old enough to join the local 4-H Beef Club. Although at times you may be arguing with your brother on who’s turn it is to feed the calves, or your scared cause the day before your calf was a wild animal & threw you into the fence.. or that along with school homework, you now had to keep a record of your calves progress monthly.. OR that dreaded highway clean.. along with Public Speaking… However, 4-H was such a great experience & so much fun! If you get the opportunity I feel this is something every kid should experience… & the best part of it is that there are 100s of different 4-H clubs… Rabbit, chicken, sewing, baking, beef, horse.. etc. (I think I may have my next blog topic.. 4-H!)

Once high school was done.. & I moved forward to college & the big city lights.. I began to realize how much I missed all our crazy animals. For example your dog pal isn’t there to protect you when your scared (how many of you when at the farm, feel 100 times more comfortable when your dog is walking next to you at night time.. or sitting outside your door guarding the place?) They are a huge sense of security I always felt. I then moved to a location where my super GREAT friends allowed me to keep my horse there while going to school. I felt so lucky… & I felt so balanced.. I HAD to go out.. feed him, check on him.. ride him at least every other day.

Growing up I don’t know how many animals my dad had to turn down “No we cant get a goat..sorry” “A pony I don’t think so..” “Why would you want a duck.. your scared of birds” Then he would reply with “Once you get your own place you can have all the animals you want!”

Snappy and Peggy  ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here:
Snappy & Peggy (This Lil’ Gal is my Hero! She Trainined A Gator!!)

Now at 26.. I am still waiting for that opportunity… But I know it will come one day.. & Luckily for me T keeps me balanced, he understands my love for critters…But helps me realize that no we don’t need 3 pigs, 4 sheep, 2 dogs, 8 cats, 2 ducks, 1 rabbit, 3 horses, a goat & chicken.. So for now we just have Llyod & Harry.. They are a lot like the honey badger where they just “don’t give a shit” But they are pretty hilarious cats..

I do know one thing.. nothing brightens your day more then an animal.. even when driving you crazy or misbehaving they still seem to keep you smiling.. laughing.. & capture your heart!

Here are some super cute pictures of farm animals.. Even threw a few of my animals in the mix.

Our pig last year… Clark
My mini mare.. Pearly
My Gelding … Turbo
Theo when she was a pup
brown hair/ brown eyes
Smiling Lamb (thanks to pinterest)
Bunnies! (thanks to pinterest)
ducklings are sooo cute!

Something I have came across while T & I have been debating getting a dog the last year & a half.. was adoption sites! Granted ALL animals being sold or up for adoption need homes… but this is a nice deed for sure!  Not only could you find the perfect animal for you on one of the local adoption sites.. but they also give you a chance to Foster a puppy! The adoption agency provides absolutely everything needed & required for the animal.. all you need to do is give it a home & love it until its forever home is found. I thought it was pretty cool.. plus an opportunity to see if your ready to own your own dog…You may realize that you aren’t ready for a dog or cat after having fostered it for a month or two.

There are lots of animals out there needing homes.. this is just another way to help out if its something for you.

Here are some sites!


Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation Logo

R.A.S.T.A Rescue – Farm animals & Pot Belly Pigs

 I want to hear about your animals!! What do you have at your place.. or on your farm?!

Luv Ya… WRG

Who Loves The Floppy Hat!?

Lately I have been obsessed with the floppy hat look. I love them! The other day I went into the city to grab a few things… When there I seen it… The perfect floppy hat! Black felt..& simply cute!

I tried it on.. was wondering if I would be able to pull it off… hmmmmm…

Looked at the price tag.. it read “$14”.

Ummmm I would be silly NOT to buy this super fun hat! I then seen a cool cap for T as well… When I got to the til he said they were both now “$10”! Sweeeeeet! I love a good deal!

Here are some gals that can rock the floppy hat!

Soooooo Gorgeous

 floppy hat



I love Lyn-z Pastrana’s red floppy hat she sports!


I am quite happy with mine… although I think it would look even better once my luscious locks get a little longer!

Do you sport a floppy hat… what colour?! Cant wait to wear mine…. If your real lucky I may even post a pic! 😉


Hope you all are having a GREAT Week so far!

Luv ya… WRG