With Great Puppy Comes Great Responsibility

Good Morning Sunshine! Its Monday.. but don’t let that get you down.. because its the start to a Fabulous Week… & a short week at that, so technically its Tuesday for all of you who get Good Friday off. 🙂

So my guy & I have been in some serious discussion since last fall about whether or not to get ourselves a puppy. Both having grown up on the farm, we were lucky enough to ALWAYS have a dog around. Now that we have our own place we figure its time to take the next step… or should we..!?!?

With Great Puppy comes Great Responsibility!


Last fall we both fell in love with some puppy’s we found, and we both agreed that it was the puppy for us! But after a good few days of pro’s & con’s we turned down the puppy & decided to wait until spring. Well low & behold the lady who had these puppies for sale contacted me saying her dog was prego once again, and that this would be her last batch! I was jumping with excitement & couldn’t wait to get home to tell my guy… He too was thrilled… however again came up all the pro’s & con’s of puppy raising, & the main reason why we decided not to get one last fall… has not changed…we are not home enough! 😦

Here is our dilemma: We both work 8 hour days, and the last thing we want to do is get a puppy to have it sit in a kennel for 8 hours at a time. Once it gets old enough and knows it boundaries then yes he would roam free. But until then we don’t need a call from our neighbors because our puppy has been travelling… nor do we need a lonely pup. So last fall we said we would wait until I am home more or working a part time job.. dilemma: we have payments to make & now dog food to buy, however I did suggest going full on hillbilly.. the dog & I can go squirrel hunting.. duck hunting.. roadkill hunting.. etc.. I could grow a big garden.. sell produce on the corner.. & my famous canned jelly’s & pickled beans.. Wouldn’t that be the life!!? Okay so I may be day dreaming.. but it could work.


Also, when we get our pup we want him to be an EXTREME dog.. we want him to be well trained… well behaved & do wicked tricks! We want him to guard our place, yet be gentle & kind.. so we need to give him a lot of time and dedication so he can become the Extreme pup of all pups… Lastly, I want a dog is to let me know when someone is in our yard. Its so comforting knowing you have someone watching out for you. Our house is very quiet, & I often don’t hear anyone pull up until they are opening the door. It’s not something that scares me, until I am home alone. I’m sure I’m not the only farm gal out there has felt this way…?

So the difference between now & when we were growing up, is our parents where both stay at home parents.. farming & raising us Hell Raisers.. so raising a dog was the least of their worries.. seeing they were always home to give it the attention it needed.

What do you guys think!? Should I quit my job to become Little Women on the Prairies.. Should we wait until one of us is home full time..? If any of you have suggestions to help with our decision that would be great!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!!

Luv ya all… WRG


8 thoughts on “With Great Puppy Comes Great Responsibility

  1. 1) wait until you have kids that are old enough to love and help take care of a dog… Dealing with a jealous pet when baby comes home is no fun
    2) quit your job and do all the things you hope to do… If you can get by in one income there is nothing better than staying home and looking after your house and family

  2. i have a dog for you! we have to give away ours…she doesn’t like our baby. loves the big kids, but not the baby. and we can’t have that. she is almost 2, well behaved, amazing with cattle, stays home!, barks at vehicles, and is sooo sweet. if the baby was older, no problem, but we’ve got a few years till then and i can’t worry all the time. want her?! she is spayed, has 1st vaccinations and her name is Betty!

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