Welcome to WildRose Gypsy!

Hi All! Welcome to WildRose Gypsy!! My new blog about being a young lady on the prairies…

My guy & I just moved onto our first homestead together a year ago come May, (Homestead, such a comforting word that makes me think back to rust stained photos of women in dresses & men in 10 gallon hats).  Since then we have had many entertaining events pass through our yard! Our first farm pet was given to us as a house warming gift, a pig who we named Clark. We then got two cats, held numerous parties, hosted harvest meals, acted as a hotel, cut walls down, worked on some major yard control, grew our first ENORMOUS garden, made “to do” lists that go on forever, acted as a plumber at 3am, pushed tonnes of snow, but most of all we have already developed memories that will last forever. Needless to say we have been busy, yet busy having the time of our lives! Lucky for me, I’m with one guy, who whatever the issue may be, always comes out with that massive smile, that gives you an instant feeling that everything will be all right……. As I’m watching the water in the showers steadily back up…. The pig digging up my gorgeous flowers… & paint dripping into my hair from the freshly painted ceilings….Yup! The Fun has just begun!!Clark

Luckily for us, our parents are successful farmers & a quick drive away! The dads have been through it all, the dirt, the snow, the drought, the flood… they know all sorts of tricks and tips to help us out with whatever issue it may be. And well the farm wouldn’t be the success it is without their beautiful wives & our moms! These ladies can be in the field all day, yet still have a clean house, a homemade meal, a beautiful yard,  tea with the neighbor lady, animals fed, parts delivered, & never mind look beautiful doing it all… I don’t know how they do it!


I hope this blog will have you laughing, give you new ideas for cooking those harvest meals, give you tips & tricks to keep that house sparkling, & yard under control.  But most of all give you a breath of fresh air, something that will keep you smiling, & let you young hardworking ladies know you’re not alone!  I’m excited to get writing… and I’m open for input.This is my first blog so be kind!!

Luv ya all….. WRG


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