Hoppy Easter~!

Growing up as a kid, I have always enjoyed Easter! Its that breath of spring air… everyone is soo happy because they have finally got that dose of Vitamin D that they were needing & its the start to warmer weather! Ahhhhhh Spring Time!


Our family loves holidays… & we still continue to even now, just as we did when we were kids. We would always get right into the spirit!

The first step to Easter always seems to be coloring Easter Eggs… I was always the one who wanted & tried to have the prettiest eggs… but they would never turn out! I would mix too many colors & have it come out in a nasty shade of browny yellow… or the wax crayon wouldn’t work so well so instead of Easter it would come out “Ester”.. But either way it was a lot of fun!

Next it was keeping/hiding them from Dad until we had our Easter company. Dad loves his hard boiled eggs.. we would try to trick him by putting the ugly ones in the front of the fridge, or the cracked ones.. BUT all too often when the family all came & it was time to set out the eggs.. & I just couldn’t wait to show Gramma my best egg, well….it would go down like this:

Looking through the basket mom just set out on the table… Nope its not there… Looking in the fridge… Nope its not there… Looking in the empty egg carton hoping she may have forgot it.. Nope not there either…. Lastly looking in the compost bucket.. sure enough your most beautiful egg was nothing but crumbled shells..”Awwww Mannnnn”

You go back to the table & there sat your only egg to show Gramma, looking as though it literally just came out of the chicken (if you know what I mean..all nasty) & staring at you was “Ester”…

It wasn’t that Dad didn’t care.. but guys (as us ladies ALL know) when it comes to that kind of thing an egg is an egg.. whatever color it may be. Anyway I don’t mean to give Dad a hard time, cause he did care & he would often ask.. “Hey sister, whose Ester?? Is she coming or is it okay if I eat her egg!?” “Ya go ahead dad….” Then you would hear Grandpa in the background “Who the hell is Ester?” Funny now… horrible at 6 years old.. haha (Oh & yes my dad calls me sister…him & grandpa have called me sister, sister sue.. or sister suzy for as long as I can remember.. & no my name is not Suzy) 😀


Next was the Easter egg hunt!!! Being a kid you just could hardly contain yourself with excitement! It was like Christmas.. but with CHOCOLATE & lots of it!!!!!

Goal: Find all Easter eggs before your little brother… do what you have to do, first distraction “Hey look at the massive egg outside behind the swingset…. (evil laughter) succker” or secondly let him be, cause I would still find more eggs then him! My little bro was awesome.. & such a cute kid! But he was way more chill then me (& still is).. I would have to search & search until I knew all the eggs were found before I would even consider sitting down.. where he would find something he liked… then sit down unwrap it & enjoy..

My cousins on my dads side of the family are very spread out.. there is my brother & I.. then 6 years down the road came my cousin..then her little sister.. then 9 years down the road from the youngest came 3 more little rascals! I love them all!!! & I must say its awesome because we STILL get to have Easter egg hunts! However now, dad & I don’t remember where we hide them all… & mom will then find herself a snack while pruning trees a couple weeks after.


I am very excited for this years Easter! T’s little niece & nephew are coming down, so I get to color Easter eggs with them this weekend…  Plus his whole family will be at dinner Friday night (lucky for me I grew up with T’s family & my best friends are his cousins… honestly can it get any better!!) & on Sunday my Auntie is coming up from Mexico, my Grandparents are home from Arizona..all my cousins are coming down (minus the 3 littlest rascals.. wonder if dad will still put on an Easter egg hunt knowing the youngest will be 17 not 2.. hope so!) & to top it all off its supposed to be a nice plus 8! WhooHoo!

I hope you all have a very Hoppy Easter! Good Luck with your Easter egg decorating & Easter egg hunts.. hope your families can all get together too seeing this is by far the best part of the holiday…that & the delicious home cooked meals!

Luv ya all… WRG


Prepare to Say “Adios Mosquitoes!!!!”

Today I feel a new vibe floating around… both T &I were happy, chipper & not tired this morning.. my fellow co-workers too seem to have that extra skip in their step! Does this mean winter is coming close to an end…???

I have Spring Fever Today!! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Watching that brown turn to green, slopping in the mud, long days of sunshine, & an excitement to get into the field. (Field, this a word that I spell wrong continually.. I mean what farmers daughter doesn’t know how to spell field.. Remember “I” before “E”…how embarrassing!)

I do enjoy winter, but when spring starts to come I want it to stay. One thing that I LOVE about the winter is NO Mosquitoes!! Aren’t they just the worst.. at times last year we could barely work in our yard without being completely swarmed, bit up & frustrated. Unfortunately I have a feeling that this year is going to be no different, considering with all this snow.. comes a lot of water which is a prime breeding ground for them little suckers.

So along with all the day dreaming I have been doing about our yard, I have had their little faces in the back of my mind.. Actually I am getting itchy just writing about them..eeeeeek!!

However I am going to try to put a stop to them this year.. at least around our deck.. Pinterest.. (such a wonderful thing, don’t you all agree!?) has gave me a few tips on what to plant that will chase them little buggers away.

mosquitoe joke

1) Citronella – makes sense considering I know we have all lit a million of those citronella candles, however apparently the living plant is the most effective form over candles, oils, etc.


2) Marigolds – now these are easy to grow! I had no idea they repelled mosquitoes.. there will be a few pots of  marigolds around this year for sure! They have an offensive smell, & contain Pyrethrum which is found in most repellents. (side note: did any of you have that job as a kid… of picking marigold seeds once they were done flowering.. I always remember mom would plant these at the front door & I would go pick the seeds and put them into my little Ziploc bag for next year. Funny how some simple memories stick, eh )


3) Lavender – this is something that I was thinking about growing last year but never did. It smells amazing & is soo beautiful with its bright purple flowers! It is supposed to hinder a mosquitoes sense of smell. Is this easy to grow here in Alberta…??


These are just a couple that caught my eye.. I am new to gardening & don’t know a lot about plants… yet.. however here a few more options… catnip, lemon grass, ageratum, basil, rosemary. Quite honestly I am willing to plant any & all of these if it lessens the skeeter situation!

Have any of you heard of other plants you can plant around the yard to scare off these horrible little creatures!?!? Please share as I know all of us would love to hear, also let me know what you are going to try.. so we can compare notes.

Here is one blog I found that had some more information regarding this topic..


Lets Say NO to the Mosquito!     Sorry little dude.. you got to go.


Happy Hump Day! 2 More days of work.. then its EASTER time!

Luv ya all… WRG

~Mama’s Meatballs~

For as long as I can remember one of my favorite dishes was Mama’s Meatballs! They were so sweet & delicious… I was always disappointed when we wouldn’t have any left for me to take in my lunch the next day… & if there were leftovers you know damn well I wasn’t going to be sharing them with any of the kids at school.

I personally have never made them without my mom. Not sure why as they are so easy!! So tonight that’s what I did… Made Mama’s Fancy Meatballs… (insert Italian accent..) Not sure who shared this recipe with her… but I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it with you all… & I hope your lucky enough to have leftovers ’cause you will be craving them the next day!

Here We Go:

Step 1 – The Perfect Meatball

1 egg

1/2 cup evaporated milk

1 cup quick oats

1/2 cup onions, chopped

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp chili powder

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp black pepper

1 1/2 lbs lean ground beef

Preheat oven to 450F. Mix All ingredients together… make into a nice sized balls… put in a baking dish (9×12 stone dish is what I used). Place in oven for 15 minutes.

Step 2 – Fancy Sauce

1 cup Ketchup

1/2 cup brown sugar (calls for 3/4 cup but I only put in a 1/2)

1/4 cup onions, chopped

1/4 tsp garlic powder

While the meatballs are baking, pour all ingredients for the sauce together in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Take off heat.

Once the perfect meatballs & fancy sauce are done, pour the sauce over the meatballs. Bake covered for another 10-12 minutes. Or until the meatballs are no longer pink in the middle. Big balls will take a little longer… small balls will take a little less time… 😉

& There you have it!! Mama’s Fancy Meatballs!

I served it with white rice, cooked carrots (I mixed just a touch of butter, onion powder & parsley in them..delicious) & I was too lazy to make  salad so I just cut up some tomatoes & cucumbers.

Here is my finished product… Sorry I am no Food Photographer! I promise it looked way more professional in person.. 😉

Mama's Meatballs
Mama’s Meatballs

Hope you enjoy them as much as our family did & still does!!


Here Piggy Piggy…

So today I decided to stick with an animal related post. I mean.. why not right.. everyone loves a good animal tale! & I can guarantee this one is nothing less then entertaining!

When T & I moved on our new place last year I was begging him for a puppy… he said no because we are not home enough.. & I agreed. I then asked “Well can we get a pig instead…?” To my surprise he said “Ya sure..” YIPEEE!!!

 I called up a good buddy of ours to see if he could help hook us up with a pig.. after a few weeks of not hearing anything, I didn’t think we would be getting one… Then here comes our buddy driving along the road.. with a baby pig in his truck!

Clark meeting his new barn mates (Harry & Llyod)

Didn’t take us long & we had Clark a comfy cozy bed all made up! We just had also adopted two kittens from our neighbors farm (Harry & Lloyd).  As you can see in the picture we had a barn full of babies. We weren’t sure how well cats & pigs got along, but after one day of getting used to each other they were literally inseparable! I would go in to feed & water them every morning before work & find the cats snuggled right up with Clark in his little Pig House.  Then the adventures began!!

When we first let Clark roam free, we would make sure we were out in the yard. He would only go where Harry & Lloyd went. He would run across the grass… then tip toe tip toe across the gravel. I was worried as I had never trained a pig before, on how to get him back in the barn at night. So I would call his name “Here Clarrrrkkkk…” & you guessed it nothing… Hmmmm well I may as well call the cats “Here kitty kitty kitty….” Then here come Harry & Llyod ripping across the yard… with their best bud Clark hot on their heels! Perfect I thought! So from then on I am sure our pig thought he was a cat… I would just call “Kitty… Kitty” every time I was looking for him & without hesitation he would come a running! He even would get into the cat food bag if we didnt have it up high!

As he got braver him & the cats would explore down to our dug out… & in the field from time to time that bordered our place. I even started catching him in the ditch once in awhile.. but the best part was he knew my truck.. When he would see me coming down the road.. I would see a flash of pink just a boogieing back to the yard with cats trailing behind! Who knew a pig was just like a dog if not smarter!!! He was AWESOME!

Once Harvest came along, T & I would be at work all day… then hit the field for the night. With this Clark & the cats didn’t know what was going on as they would be left all day on their own. Then the call came..”Hi, we are your new neighbors down the road… just thought you should know that while we were painting our garage a big pig & two black cats walked right in.. are they yours?” AWWWWW MAN!!! He traveled to the neighbors! Before we got there he & the cats luckily came back home on their own. But after that we had to keep a close eye on them.

If you have never owned a pig before there are a few things you should know about them:

1) They are smarter then you think!! It is not fun to be out smarted by a pig

2) They root a lot! Luckily for us we have a pile of carriganna’s around the farm so he would just live in them, and root and root and root. Which was good cause he left my garden alone!

3) They need company. I thought he would be fine on his own, but he and Llyod especially did not go ANYWHERE alone.. It was the cutest thing

4) They need a lot of water… this was a challenge as he would spill his water bucket to lay in it every day… so have a spot for him to lay and roll & a spot for him to drink

5) They can be very stubborn & get agressive… Clark towards the end was getting slightly aggressive.. he would try to get in the house, not move a muscle when trying to get him in for the night, & he even nipped me once. Which made me slightly nervous seeing we often have company with little kids around

6) They dont care to be picked up… but they love to be scratched!!

7) They love to play! Clark would play with the sprinkler all day long… If you chased him and then turned around he would chase you back.. He was like a puppy!

8) They love to nap in the sun!

Clark with the SprinklerIMG_0988[1]

Unfortunately we no longer have Clark, which is sad… But I must say we had a blast with him! I would recommend it to anyone., as they are pretty low maintenance.. especially if you have corrals & a barn! Or just let them be free range like we did Clark.

I could tell more stories about this adventurous farm animal… & now too many I am known as the Pig Girl (great name eh…not haha).. Everyone loved him!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday… Luv ya all… WRG

With Great Puppy Comes Great Responsibility

Good Morning Sunshine! Its Monday.. but don’t let that get you down.. because its the start to a Fabulous Week… & a short week at that, so technically its Tuesday for all of you who get Good Friday off. 🙂

So my guy & I have been in some serious discussion since last fall about whether or not to get ourselves a puppy. Both having grown up on the farm, we were lucky enough to ALWAYS have a dog around. Now that we have our own place we figure its time to take the next step… or should we..!?!?

With Great Puppy comes Great Responsibility!


Last fall we both fell in love with some puppy’s we found, and we both agreed that it was the puppy for us! But after a good few days of pro’s & con’s we turned down the puppy & decided to wait until spring. Well low & behold the lady who had these puppies for sale contacted me saying her dog was prego once again, and that this would be her last batch! I was jumping with excitement & couldn’t wait to get home to tell my guy… He too was thrilled… however again came up all the pro’s & con’s of puppy raising, & the main reason why we decided not to get one last fall… has not changed…we are not home enough! 😦

Here is our dilemma: We both work 8 hour days, and the last thing we want to do is get a puppy to have it sit in a kennel for 8 hours at a time. Once it gets old enough and knows it boundaries then yes he would roam free. But until then we don’t need a call from our neighbors because our puppy has been travelling… nor do we need a lonely pup. So last fall we said we would wait until I am home more or working a part time job.. dilemma: we have payments to make & now dog food to buy, however I did suggest going full on hillbilly.. the dog & I can go squirrel hunting.. duck hunting.. roadkill hunting.. etc.. I could grow a big garden.. sell produce on the corner.. & my famous canned jelly’s & pickled beans.. Wouldn’t that be the life!!? Okay so I may be day dreaming.. but it could work.


Also, when we get our pup we want him to be an EXTREME dog.. we want him to be well trained… well behaved & do wicked tricks! We want him to guard our place, yet be gentle & kind.. so we need to give him a lot of time and dedication so he can become the Extreme pup of all pups… Lastly, I want a dog is to let me know when someone is in our yard. Its so comforting knowing you have someone watching out for you. Our house is very quiet, & I often don’t hear anyone pull up until they are opening the door. It’s not something that scares me, until I am home alone. I’m sure I’m not the only farm gal out there has felt this way…?

So the difference between now & when we were growing up, is our parents where both stay at home parents.. farming & raising us Hell Raisers.. so raising a dog was the least of their worries.. seeing they were always home to give it the attention it needed.

What do you guys think!? Should I quit my job to become Little Women on the Prairies.. Should we wait until one of us is home full time..? If any of you have suggestions to help with our decision that would be great!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!!

Luv ya all… WRG

“On the Road Again…”

Spring storms in Alberta are always a tonne of fun! Literally a tonne… of wet, heavy, blowing snow causing the roads (which gave my truck a mud bath the day before) to be rough, icy  snow packed with minimal visibility. Not only can you not see a thing because the wind is causing whirlwinds of snow bunnies flying at you, but because even your best sunglasses can’t tone down the brightness of the fresh white sparkles that have caused the road to disappear completely. But in this time nothing makes you feel more comfortable then being in a truck with 4 wheel drive… and of course cell service!

Growing up in the country you get blessed with learning how to drive in the worst conditions at an early age! The first time I was ever behind the steering wheel was when I was 7 years old. Grandpa took me out in the field, said this is your gas, this is your brake.. have at ‘er! Well seeing I could barely touch the gas & see over the steering wheel at the same time, I took grandpa for quite the ride… He decided he best wait ’til I grow a little taller after I came inches from going through his new fence..eek! But that was my first taste of driving & I felt so free & grown up..& I will never forget that afternoon.

Next it was time for me to learn to drive a standard… well after my neighbor took me out at 14 in her little Chevy Tracker one day after school I had the jist of the feel, so Dad put me in our tandem Mack next seeing it was the only manual transmission we had.. First of all standards are intimidating as it is, never mind in a big grain truck! After being embarrassed of numerous stalls, I finally got the hang of it! I would talk to myself “Gas.. slowly let out clutch *chug chug* more gas… then PIN IT… let off gas.. clutch.. shift to 2nd *grind grind* clutch out.. PIN IT..” I always just wanted to go FAST! haha


Finally I turned 16.. & I wanted nothing more then to have a little hot rod truck! Instead I got a’95 Monte Carlo, very sporty, was not complaining, & that car really taught me how to drive. Not having 4wheel drive teaches you how to get through some shitty situations.. & I must say that car got me through EVERYTHING! Sloppy gravel roads, snow drifts, black ice.. you name it! & I’m proud to say I never got stuck, nor did I hit the ditch…

But with this all being said… Where my boyfriend & I live now the roads may as well be dirt fields at times, & with this I am HAPPY to have a 4Wheel drive.. There is not a chance I would have made it home at times last spring without it, or this winter. Especially yesterday… Here is a picture of my boyfriend meeting me two miles down the road with the tractor to plow me a path. What a good Man!!


As any women in the country knows, there is nothing better after a stressful day on the roads then hitting that home stretch of gravel. I’m not sure what it is… a sense of security, confidence, familiarity.. but your white knuckles seem to get back their colour the minute you leave the hard top… Am I right!?!?

Here are a few tips for winter driving that all us country girls know seeing it was drilled into our heads at a young age:

1) Never leave the place with less than a full tank of fuel (you never know how long you may need to sit on the road.. or in the ditch when you are in need of help)

2) Warm Clothes (I never leave without my ski pants, Muck boots, winter coat, extra gloves, toque, neck warmer & I even pack a blanket) Quick Story: My mom and I were on the road one day in a massive blizzard and came across a semi who hit the ditch. Seeing my mom was always prepared, she was able to wrap the driver up in blankets until the ambulance came to keep him warm. If you don’t think you may need the blankets.. you may be able to help someone else out. 🙂

3) Survival Kit – matches, candles (huge source of heat & had kept people from freezing when having to spend a night in their vehicle) flashlight, fold up shovel, booster cables, tow rope, first aid kit, snacks & lastly a 6 pack.. okay okay that’s not in my survival kit.. but you never know when you may need it.. could be quite handy!

You can buy really cool safety packs that have all this bundled up in a bag (minus the 6 pack) that takes up NO room. I have one & I have used it from time to time.

It seems like a lot of stuff to keep packed in your vehicle.. but until you use it (which I have!) you couldn’t be more happy to have it

Stay safe.. if they say “Dont Drive!”.. then don’t drive.. take advantage… no better day then ripping through snow drifts in the old farm truck or on your sled, when all the town people are sitting at work.. haha

HAPPY FRIDAY~~ Luv ya all… WRG

She’s A Smooooth Operator

Good Morning! Well its snowing and blowing here, but only a mere -3 degrees… so whose complaining!? Although I believe we are on day 10 of this wind, I’m noticing everyone seems to be getting immune to it… unfortunately! However, there is nothing better to Jump Start a miserable day then with a delicious smoothie! For the last couple weeks I have decided to start making smoothies for breakfast rather then a dense bagel loaded with cream cheese (trying to get on this health kick). I used to think I needed a bagel to help tie me over to my 10 o’clock snack… HEY dont Judge ME!.. So I eat all day, its all good… BUT since I started making a smoothie jam packed full of Deliciousness I have NO issue getting to lunch. Even my “MANLY MAN” won’t leave the house without this in the morning… On an even better note it gives you that kick in the a$$ you need in the morning (especially when you combine it with a nice black coffee… it makes you feel like Sally O’Malley “I like to KICK IT.. & Stretch… & Kick!”).

Plus it couldn’t be an easier quick breaky for those of you on the run & NO mess! The best thing about Smoothies is you can make it into whatever you like… Pinterest has TONS of cool smoothie recipes!

Anyway…. Here is what I like to throw in it:

This is for 2 good sized glasses.. (half it if your just making one for yourself)

1 cup Milk

1 cup Juice (I like to switch it up, orange, banana strawberry, whatever you prefer)

1/2 Plain Yogurt or Greek Yogurt (Add more if you like it a little thicker)

1 Banana (brown bananas..? Throw them in the freezer then use them in your smoothies!)

1/2 to 1 cup Frozen Fruit (Again whichever you like… try Mango! I just eyeball this part)


And let it Blend!!! Mmmmm..mmmmm.mmmm! Cant beat it! Plus if you are like me & always rushing to work its a lot easier to take on the go… you don’t end up with cream cheese on your steering wheel… or crumbs all over your seat! 😀

I also read to throw some oatmeal in it… I am yet to try this! Any of you have a favorite smoothie recipe you want to share….?

Enjoy your Thursday Everyone!!! You almost made it through another week!

Luv ya all… WRG

Welcome to WildRose Gypsy!

Hi All! Welcome to WildRose Gypsy!! My new blog about being a young lady on the prairies…

My guy & I just moved onto our first homestead together a year ago come May, (Homestead, such a comforting word that makes me think back to rust stained photos of women in dresses & men in 10 gallon hats).  Since then we have had many entertaining events pass through our yard! Our first farm pet was given to us as a house warming gift, a pig who we named Clark. We then got two cats, held numerous parties, hosted harvest meals, acted as a hotel, cut walls down, worked on some major yard control, grew our first ENORMOUS garden, made “to do” lists that go on forever, acted as a plumber at 3am, pushed tonnes of snow, but most of all we have already developed memories that will last forever. Needless to say we have been busy, yet busy having the time of our lives! Lucky for me, I’m with one guy, who whatever the issue may be, always comes out with that massive smile, that gives you an instant feeling that everything will be all right……. As I’m watching the water in the showers steadily back up…. The pig digging up my gorgeous flowers… & paint dripping into my hair from the freshly painted ceilings….Yup! The Fun has just begun!!Clark

Luckily for us, our parents are successful farmers & a quick drive away! The dads have been through it all, the dirt, the snow, the drought, the flood… they know all sorts of tricks and tips to help us out with whatever issue it may be. And well the farm wouldn’t be the success it is without their beautiful wives & our moms! These ladies can be in the field all day, yet still have a clean house, a homemade meal, a beautiful yard,  tea with the neighbor lady, animals fed, parts delivered, & never mind look beautiful doing it all… I don’t know how they do it!


I hope this blog will have you laughing, give you new ideas for cooking those harvest meals, give you tips & tricks to keep that house sparkling, & yard under control.  But most of all give you a breath of fresh air, something that will keep you smiling, & let you young hardworking ladies know you’re not alone!  I’m excited to get writing… and I’m open for input.This is my first blog so be kind!!

Luv ya all….. WRG